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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in PA

Medical Marijuana PA Doctor
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If you’re living in Pennsylvania, it’s not uncommon to get confused with the process of acquiring access to medical marijuana. It all starts by registering with the state and getting a medical marijuana card. Ultimately, a pharmacist will recommend to you the kind of marijuana you need for your condition along with usage and dosage instructions.

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Here’s a step-by-step breakdown on how to get a medical marijuana card in PA:

1. Registration

The first step in gaining access to medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is registering yourself in the Medical Marijuana Registry. This involves creating your profile on the  Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program website.

The registration process requires essential information like your legal name, address, and phone number. An official ID card or a Pennsylvania driver’s license will be required for your identity verification.

2. Certification

An obvious requirement of gaining access to medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is having a medical condition that justifies its use. A physician approved by the Department of Health, Pennsylvania, needs to certify that you have a condition which qualifies you for legal cannabis use. This certification will then be submitted by your physician directly into the Medical Marijuana Registry system online.

3. Apply for Your Marijuana Card

After getting certified by an approved physician, you need to return to the Medical Marijuana Registry to apply for a medical marijuana ID card. Usually, a $50 fee applies unless you’re a participant of certain assistance programs. After this payment, you will receive your marijuana card from the state in your mail.

4. Meet with a Pharmacist in a Marijuana Dispensary

You may choose to visit any medical marijuana dispensary within your reach. Take your marijuana card along, and a pharmacist will deal with you over there.

Rest assured, the pharmacists working at these dispensaries have undertaken special courses on medical marijuana as required by the law in Pennsylvania. These courses include knowledge of its potential risks and benefits as well. This is to ensure your safety when providing you with the drug. Moreover, pharmacists are also often involved in further research pertaining to the substance.

Interestingly, it is the pharmacist’s responsibility to recommend the form of cannabis that is suitable for your use according to your medical condition. While meeting with a physician is essential in the acquisition of medical marijuana, they will only identify your condition and help you with the certification process. The remaining evaluation of your condition that determines the appropriate cannabis treatment will be done by the pharmacist.

Take care to understand the dosage instructions given by your pharmacist. Medical marijuana usage is best done cautiously, so attention is required when the drug is being dispensed to you.

Once you have your very own cannabis, you should keep your symptoms under check. If at any time you suspect it’s not working for you, a physician or a pharmacist should be consulted for evaluation or dosage alteration.

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