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Nevada Medical Marijuana Card

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Patients across the country use cannabis to manage the symptoms of serious health conditions or to ameliorate the debilitating side effects of conventional treatments for said conditions. Nevadans with qualifying medical conditions can obtain medical cannabis cards that exempt them from certain marijuana laws.

While the state of Nevada permits adult-use cannabis, cardholders can purchase and possess larger quantities of cannabis than recreational users. This access makes it easier for patients to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. As of January 2023, there are over 12,000 active medical marijuana patients in Nevada.

This article outlines medical marijuana card qualifications in Nevada, how to get an MMJ identification card, details about the program, and applicable state laws. Learning about the program is essential to securing your right to use medical marijuana.


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What is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is any form of cannabis product used to manage the symptoms of a recognized diagnosis. Many patients rely on the symptom control they achieve with medical marijuana to enjoy time with their families, work, and live their lives. Cannabis effectively manages many debilitating physical and emotional symptoms, including chronic pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

Marijuana is not yet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for any diagnosis. However, there is strong evidence of its effectiveness. Thirty-seven states have medical marijuana programs because they recognize its life-changing potential for patients with chronic health conditions.

Marijuana Laws in Nevada

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History of Nevada Medical Marijuana Legislation

A 2000 ballot measure amending the Nevada constitution passed with 65% of the vote, legalizing medical marijuana. While the issue had strong public support, Nevada lawmakers spent over a decade building oversight and regulatory framework for a functional program. They did not enact the final legislation establishing a medical marijuana program until 2014. The first sale occurred in July 2015.

The program proved successful. Residents of Nevada continued lobbying for access. Lawmakers passed expanded employment protections, raised possession limits, and broadened patient rights over the next several years. In 2020, lawmakers legalized telehealth visits for medical marijuana consultation and allowed delivery.

Nevada Public Consumption Laws

As of March 2023, marijuana consumption is only allowed within a patient's property or another private place with permission from the owner.

Nevada passed a law allowing public consumption lounges in November 2022. The state is building the licensing and regulatory framework. The first lounges are on track to open in Summer 2023.

Nevada Cannabis DUI Laws

Nevada law enforcement officers are empowered to stop vehicles based on suspicion of impaired driving. Per state law, 5 ng/ml of marijuana metabolite in the blood qualifies as a DUI. There is no patient exemption.

First offenses are misdemeanors and are subject to imprisonment of two days to six months or 48 to 96 hours of community service, a fine of $400 to $1000, and mandatory completion of a course on alcohol and controlled substances use.

How to Obtain a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card

Undergo a Medical Marijuana Evaluation

After requesting an application, the first step to getting a card is consulting a medical marijuana doctor who will issue your Attending Healthcare Provider Statement. This form confirms your eligibility for medical cannabis. The state does not make referrals to physicians, and doctors are not obligated to issue marijuana recommendations. These consultations can be in-person or virtual.

The Sanctuary Wellness Institute can refer you to an experienced provider who understands the benefits and risks of managing symptoms with cannabis. Medical marijuana doctors are caring individuals who believe in the value of cannabis.

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During your appointment, be open and honest with the doctor about your medical history and how your symptoms affect your life. An accurate understanding of your health and wellness enables the provider to make the best recommendations and set realistic expectations for how cannabis can help

Submit an Application to the State

You can apply online to become a medical marijuana cardholder by creating a portal account. Once you have a signed provider statement, you can scan and upload the required documents, complete the demographic information on the application, and submit it.

You can also request the application and provide your supplemental documents by mail. The state will not process your submission until it receives your registration fee.

Receive Your Medical Marijuana Card

Once your application is processed and approved, an acceptance letter will appear in your online account. The state does not notify patients, so you will need to periodically check beginning 24 hours after applying. You can print the letter and use it as a temporary medical marijuana card for 60 days. Physical cards usually arrive via the mail within 10 business days of approval.

You can use your temporary or permanent card at any licensed dispensary in the state that sells medical marijuana. Some locations only carry recreational cannabis products.

Where Can You Buy Nevada Medical Marijuana?

As an official medical marijuana patient, you can shop for cannabis products at any licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Nevada. Policies are not uniform regarding acceptable forms of payment and menu access. It is always best to call before your visit to confirm hours and product availability. Medical dispensary locations include:

Nevada Medical Marijuana Card Requirements

Age and Residency

You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for a medical marijuana card. Minors can apply to Nevada’s registry with an adult as their designated primary caregiver.

You must contact the registry directly at 775-687-7594 to enroll a child.

Applicants must also be Nevada residents and prove their eligibility by scanning and uploading a copy of their driver’s license or state-issued ID card. The state requires applicants to submit the front and back of their IDs.

Medical Documentation

To apply to join the Nevada medical marijuana program, you must obtain a written certificate for medical marijuana from a licensed physician practicing in the state of Nevada. Providing your doctor with comprehensive medical records and a detailed patient history will help the provider assess your case and issue your certificate.

Be sure not to alter the form once the doctor provides it. You will scan and upload the document as part of your online application.

Nevada Medical Marijuana Card Conditions

Medical marijuana is available in Nevada for a variety of medical conditions. It's crucial to talk to your doctor about your symptoms because some chronic ones that don't respond to medical treatment may qualify you for Nevada's medical marijuana program.

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The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) issues medical marijuana cards to patients to manage the following conditions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can establish an online account , request your application, complete the medical marijuana consult using telehealth services, and upload or email the necessary documents. Completing the application process and paying the application fee online is the quickest way to get approved and receive your MMJ state ID.

Yes. Nevada is the only state with full reciprocity. Dispensaries accept valid cards from any state with a functioning medical marijuana program. While you can shop at Nevada dispensaries, crossing state lines with cannabis is illegal due to federal prohibition.

Anxiety is an approved qualifying condition in Nevada. Medical marijuana can help patients cope with anxious feelings that impede their ability to enjoy leisure time and work. The calming effects of cannabis help patients re-engage with their lives.

Nevada has straightforward requirements and a streamlined process. Patients can easily get their card by obtaining a recommendation from a licensed Nevada provider and submitting all necessary documentation. Using the online system simplifies each application step and accelerates the approval process.

Adult-use marijuana is legal in Nevada. Anyone over 21 years old can visit dispensaries that sell products for recreational use. Some facilities offer both medical and recreational marijuana, while some only offer one type. Calling ahead to confirm products and policies will save you time..

A medical marijuana card exempts you from marijuana sales tax and allows you access to a wider selection of products with higher THC contents. Consulting an experienced medical marijuana doctor is essential for safely and effectively managing your symptoms with cannabis.

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