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While results vary from person to person, medical marijuana has been shown to help with and is used to treat a variety of conditions, thereby obviating the need for pharmaceuticals.

The Sanctuary Wellness Institute is here to guide West Virginia residents through the entire medical marijuana card application process, beginning with an evaluation by an approved physician.

Our friendly and knowledgeable phone representatives will gladly answer any questions you may have and will follow up with you to ensure you have everything you need to apply for your ID card. To schedule an evaluation, please call us at 484-346-5140.

Medical Marijuana Card in West Virginia
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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in West Virginia

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    Schedule an appointment with one of the Sanctuary's medical marijuana doctors

    The first step is to schedule an appointment with one of our state-certified medical marijuana doctors.

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    Get Approved for a West Virginia MMJ Card

    Meet online with one of our doctors for a 15 minute appointment to discuss the symptoms of your condition(s) and your suitability for cannabis treatment. Once your doctor approves you for medical marijuana treatment, they will issue you a Patient Certification form.

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    Submit a Medical Marijuana Card Application to the State

    Once you obtain your Patient Certification, you can apply for your medical cannabis card through the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources registration portal. The state charges a $50 application fee, but financial hardship waivers are available. Your application will be reviewed within 30-60 days.

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    Visit a Dispensary Near You to Obtain Medical Marijuana

    Once your medical marijuana card arrives in the mail, you may visit any dispensary in your State to purchase medical marijuana.


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West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card Requirements

Age and Residency

Patients who want a medical marijuana card must be permanent residents of West Virginia and have a valid state ID. Patients under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian over the age of 21 registered as their caregiver, but there are no age restrictions when it comes to qualifying for an MMJ card.

Medical Documentation

A physician's medical documentation supporting your diagnosis of one of the qualifying serious medical conditions is required. Medical records from your medical history, summaries of previous office visits, or a letter of diagnosis from your doctor are examples of these documents.

If you don't have any supporting medical documentation but have one of the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card, see a doctor who can diagnose you before applying for one.

Get Evaluated

You're ready for a cannabis-licensed doctor to evaluate you for qualifying medical conditions once you have your medical documents. Only a few doctors are allowed to evaluate potential medical marijuana patients, and they must first register with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. Cannabis-licensed doctors can be found online, and many of them provide telehealth visits.

Your medical records and medical history will be reviewed by your cannabis-licensed doctor. If you're approved, they'll send you the additional paperwork you'll need to apply for your medical marijuana card. It will be called a "Physician's Certification for Qualified Patient" form.

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Medical Marijuana in West Virginia

The West Virginia medical marijuana program is overseen by the state’s Office of Medical Cannabis. Any adult West Virginia resident with at least one of the state’s qualifying conditions is eligible for an MMJ card.

Patients under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian who is at least 21 registered as their designated caregiver.

Patients with medical marijuana cards are allowed to keep up to a 30-day supply of marijuana under the law.

Call or text (484) 346-5140 with any questions and to schedule your evaluation!

West Virginia Qualifying Conditions

The following are state-approved conditions that qualify patients:

Benefits of Having a West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

The benefits of having a medical marijuana card in West Virginia include:

  • Legal protection to buy, use, and possess marijuana in the state of West Virginia
  • Access to a wide variety of quality cannabis products at WV dispensaries
  • The ability to use your WV medical marijuana card in other states that offer reciprocity
  • Exemption from state taxes when purchasing medical marijuana products

Once you obtain your West Virginia medical marijuana card, you’ll be able to visit local dispensaries and purchase marijuana products such as:

  • Marijuana flower
  • Gels, ointments, and topical creams
  • Oils and tinctures
  • Concentrates
  • Dermal patches
  • Vape cartridges

How to Renew Your West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

West Virginia medical marijuana cards expire after one year. To renew your MMJ card, you must:

  1. Schedule an appointment with a our West Virginia medical marijuana doctor
  2. Submit a Patient Renewal application through your account on the WV Department of Health and Human Resources website
  3. Submit the $50 renewal fee (unless you get approved for a financial hardship waiver)

The state will mail your new MMJ card upon approving your application.

Where Can You Buy West Virginia Medical Marijuana?

As of February 2023, West Virginia has 40 operational dispensaries selling products from six processors. Locations include:

The Office of Medical Cannabis has a complete list of dispensaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

A $50 fee is charged for submitting and processing an application with DHHR. This fee must be paid by check or money order to the state and mailed. Low-income patients can also get a financial hardship waiver from the state. When submitting an online application, individuals whose household income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level are eligible for this waiver.

Your cannabis-licensed doctor will almost certainly charge an office visit fee in addition to the state application fee. This can be discussed with your individual medical provider’s office. Similarly, the cost of the THC product will be determined by your prescription.

Unfortunately, cannabis remains illegal in the United States. Furthermore, the FDA has not approved it for the treatment of any medical conditions. As a result, medical insurance will not cover the cost of cannabis products or visits to a doctor to get them prescribed.

Patients should, however, call their insurance company to double-check their policy and see if any additional costs are covered.

Bring your state-issued photo ID as well as any supporting medical documentation that identifies your qualifying serious medical condition. You can bring other qualifying materials such as pill bottles, your medical history, or office visit notes that support your diagnosis if you don't have documents from your doctor.

A caregiver is someone who can obtain medical marijuana on behalf of a patient. Patients may appoint a caregiver only if they have registered with the DHHR and their applications have been approved. After receiving their medical marijuana card, patients can designate a caregiver who is over the age of 21. In the case of minors under the age of 18, the caregiver must be the patient's parent or legal guardian.

Caregivers must apply for an identification card online through the DHHR. These cards allow caregivers to obtain medical cannabis from licensed dispensaries. To be approved by the DHHR, caregivers must pass a criminal background check.

In West Virginia, medical marijuana must be obtained from a licensed marijuana dispensary. There were no medical marijuana dispensaries in the state until November 2021. Trulieve currently has two locations set to open in November, with more dispensaries set to open by the end of the year across the state.

Trulieve provides patients with valid medical marijuana cards with both pick-up and delivery options.

Reciprocity is a program that allows a state to accept medical marijuana cards from other states. West Virginia does not currently practice reciprocity. This means that a patient cannot buy medical marijuana in West Virginia using a medical marijuana card from another state.

Patients with a valid West Virginia medical marijuana card may be able to purchase medical cannabis in other states that offer reciprocity, though. However, purchasing medical cannabis products outside of West Virginia and then transporting them across state lines is still illegal.