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Medical Marijuana Card Philadelphia, PA

The Sanctuary Wellness Institute

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Three Simple Steps to Get Your PA MMJ Card

  • Step 1: Go to medicalmarijuana.pa.gov and sign up for the PA Medical Marijuana Program.
  • Step 2: Make a Telehealth appointment with a licensed Sanctuary Wellness Institute doctor.
  • Step 3: Finish Your Registration on the PA Department of Health's Website.
Medical Marijuana Card Philadelphia, PA

About The Sanctuary Wellness Institute

In Pennsylvania, the Sanctuary Wellness Institute is an advocate for medical marijuana. We guide our clients through the entire cannabis card application process.

You may be eligible for the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program if you have a serious medical condition such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or inflammatory bowel disease. The Sanctuary in Philadelphia, PA offers judgment-free MMJ Doctor Card Evaluations.

We are Pennsylvania medical marijuana supporters who can walk you through the entire process of obtaining your medical marijuana card. Whether you are a caregiver who wants to learn more about the process or want to know if you qualify for a card, our team can assist you in developing a better understanding of the program.

No prior evaluation is required to meet with our certified physician. Call us today at (267) 630-1714 to schedule your appointment.

Our Philadelphia MMJ Doctors

At The Sanctuary, we don't believe that people should have to suffer with anxiety disorders or Crohn's disease without some type of relief. The certified medical marijuana doctors that we work with at The Sanctuary are licensed from the State of Pennsylvania to legally certify their patients for medical marijuana. No prior doctors consultation is necessary. He or she will perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether you have the qualifying conditions that would make you eligible for the program.

Our office is located right on Rittenhouse Square at the base of the Dorchester Condominium Building on the corner of Locust and W. Rittenhouse Square.

Simply call (267) 630-1714 to make an appointment with a certified MMJ doctor. The doctor will assess your condition and, if they find you eligible for one, issue you a medical cannabis card.

We work with certified medical marijuana doctors who are licensed by the state of Pennsylvania to legally certify their patients for medical marijuana. There is no need for a separate doctor's consultation beforehand.

The certified medical marijuana doctors that we work with at The Sanctuary are licensed from the State of Pennsylvania to legally certify their patients for medical marijuana. No prior doctors consultation is necessary.

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"After you get cleared with the state. They make everything super easy. I always got a same day appointment. And there only 99 dollars. Most..."


"Went as convenient and smooth as the previous ratings had led me to believe. I cited why I wanted to join the program in the appointment..."


Judgment-Free Cannabis Doctor Evaluations

Our mission is to advocate for medical cannabis patients and to guide prospective applicants through the registration process in their respective states. We provide our services to residents of several states that have medical marijuana programs, including Pennsylvania.

The use of telemedicine to certify patients for medical marijuana evaluations is legal in Pennsylvania. Our staff members are happy to set up a virtual appointment for you with one of our doctors. To meet with one of our licensed physicians, you do not need to undergo a prior doctor's evaluation.

During your appointment, your doctor will assess your condition and determine whether you meet the state's medical marijuana requirements. If your doctor believes you would benefit from marijuana use, he or she will submit a certificate to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Once your information has been entered into the system, you can proceed with the application process on the DOH website.

Simply call (267) 630-1714 to set up a virtual meeting with a doctor today.

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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

Overall, obtaining a medical cannabis card for medical marijuana is a simple and straightforward process. The majority of this procedure will involve determining the severity of your qualifying medical condition(s), such as multiple sclerosis, Huntington's disease, or HIV/AIDS. Our team can assist you in completing the steps required to become a medical marijuana patient as quickly as possible so that you can begin to reap the benefits of that status.

  • register for medical marijuana card in Philadelphia, PA

    Register for the medical marijuana program at medicalmarijuana.pa.gov

    Because marijuana is a controlled substance, you will need to go through a formal process to qualify for the program. You must register with the state, providing your driver's license ID number and current address. The system will assign you a patient ID number, which the doctor will use to update your records to reflect that you have been certified for medical marijuana treatment.

  • medical marijuana doctor appointment in Philadelphia, PA

    Obtain a Certification By Meeting with a PA Department of Health-Certified Doctor at the Sanctuary

    One of the primary reasons why many people choose to work with The Sanctuary's team is that we offer several options for going through the evaluation process with an approved physician. We can accommodate you whether you prefer to come in and have an in-person assessment or a telemedicine appointment. You will meet with the doctor for 10-15 minutes to discuss your symptoms, which may include neurodegenerative diseases, neuropathies, or others. You can also get answers to any questions you have about medical marijuana treatment. At the conclusion of your appointment, you will be given your certification.

  • register with Philadelphia, PA for medical marijuana

    Complete Registration on PA DOH Website

    After the doctor has certified you, you must log in to the account you used to register and pay the $50 application fee to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The DOH will mail your medical marijuana card to the address listed on your driver's license when you registered with the patient or caregiver registry. Keep in mind that if your movement disorders qualify you for a government assistance program such as Medicaid or WIC, you may be eligible for a reduced registration fee.

  • marijuana doctor Philadelphia, PA

    Visit a Dispensary in Pennsylvania to Obtain Medical Marijuana

    Once your card arrives in the mail, you can purchase medical marijuana at any dispensary in Pennsylvania. An initial consultation with a dispensary pharmacist is strongly advised. They'll be able to identify the best types of medical marijuana for your specific needs. Because your ID card only allows you to obtain up to a 30-day supply of medical marijuana, it is critical that you consult a pharmacist to ensure that you find the type of marijuana that will help you manage your pain or ailments in a way that doesn’t subject you to discomforting side effects.


Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana

The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed the Medical Marijuana Act (Act) on April 17, 2016. This made the sale, possession, and use of medical cannabis legal. Each patient must be a Pennsylvania resident in order to obtain a medical marijuana card and purchase medical cannabis from dispensaries. In order to obtain certification, a PDH-approved doctor must verify their patient's medical condition.

The MMJ program is open to patients of any years of age. Whether you have intractable seizures or intractable pain, there is a possibility that you may be eligible for marijuana card after your background check. Our team prides itself on working with patients that are combating serious medical issues such as a terminal illness, Tourette, autism, or epilepsy throughout PA. Whether you live in Harrisburg or in the Philadelphia area, you can rest assured that our staff will do everything that we can to help you obtain your Pennsylvania cannabis card.

Call (267) 630-1714 with any questions and to schedule your evaluation!


In order to be eligible to receive an official Pennsylvania medical marijuana card, you must be diagnosed with one of the following qualifying conditions:

How to Renew Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

It's easy to renew your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania. All that is needed is an updated certificate and the renewal payment. You can continue to be a patient for as long as you like after being added to the state's registry.

To buy marijuana at a dispensary in Pennsylvania, your certification must be updated every 12 months. This time period ensures patient safety by necessitating a reevaluation to make sure medicinal marijuana is still appropriate and safe for each person.

An email will be sent to you 60 days before your certificate expires reminding you to renew it. Then, you can make an online appointment with any of the licensed medical marijuana doctors at the Sanctuary. The visit will be similar to your original medical cannabis consultation.

Thirty days prior to the payment deadline for your renewal, the Department of Health will also send you an email reminder. You can log into your account to confirm that a legitimate payment method is still on file. Your card won't expire if you pay the $50 renewal charge within 30 days of receiving this message.

Your doctor will inquire about your signs and symptoms as well as how you feel after using medical marijuana. Based on your experience, you may ask about dosages and side effects. Your certification will be sent to the state's registry by your doctor. It will instantly connect to your account.

Make sure the address that is listed for you is correct. As long as your doctor's certificate is current and your payment is accepted, the state will automatically mail you a replacement card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices vary depending on the strain of cannabis, brand, THC concentration, and product type. The products containing higher THC levels are generally more expensive than products with higher CBD content.

Prices are affected by the wholesale cannabis market and regulatory standards. In general, costs fall within these ranges:

  • Flower: $10 to $20 per gram
  • Capsules and other edibles: $2 to $5 per serving
  • Extract: $30 to $80 per gram
  • Vape cartridge: $60 to $100 per gram
  • Tinctures: $1 to $4 per mL

Insurance plans do not cover the cost of medical marijuana. Dispensaries post their menus of available products online with pricing and dosage. It's always best to call ahead to verify inventory and prices.

Shopping around can help you find the best deals. Dispensaries run sales, promotions, and new patient specials. Many offer loyalty rewards programs.

Yes. Anxiety disorders are on the Pennsylvania qualifying conditions list. The calming effects of medical marijuana can help regulate mood and ease both emotional and physical tension. To qualify, a medical marijuana physician must conclude your symptoms are likely to benefit from marijuana to issue a recommendation.

According to PA state law, any patient with a qualifying condition who receives medical marijuana certification from a qualified physician can obtain a medical marijuana card. Qualifying patients under the age of 18 must purchase medical marijuana through a caregiver. Patients are not subjected to background checks as part of the application process, but caregivers are.

Pennsylvania medical marijuana products can only legally be purchased and used within the state itself. Traveling across state lines with cannabis products violates federal law.

No. Only registered patients and their caregivers can purchase marijuana from dispensaries. You must present a valid Pennsylvania ID and medical marijuana card to enter a dispensary. The state strictly enforces rules to protect patient safety and privacy.

The Sanctuary Wellness Institute
226 W Rittenhouse Square Suite 101
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (267) 630-1714
Medical Marijuana Card Philadelphia, Pa

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