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Three Simple Steps to Get Your PA MMJ Card

  • Step 1: Visit medicalmarijuana.pa.gov to sign up for the PA Medical Marijuana Program.
  • Step 2: Attend a Telehealth consultation with a licensed Sanctuary Wellness Institute physician.
  • Step 3: Complete your registration on the PA Department of Health website.
Medical Marijuana Card Lancaster, PA

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

According to Pennsylvania state law, you can be authorized for an MMJ ID card if you have HIV/AIDS or multiple sclerosis. The majority of the application process is done online. The registration page is quite simple to use, but if you run into any difficulties getting a patient ID number, our team can help.

  • register for medical marijuana card in Lancaster, PA

    Register for the Medical Marijuana Program at medicalmarijuana.pa.gov

    You must register with the state using your driver's license ID number, regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease, glaucoma, or another qualifying condition. The state will use this information to get in touch with you and give you your card, so be sure to double-check the details you entered, such as your address and phone number. At your appointment, the doctor will update your records to reflect that you have been approved for medical marijuana therapy using the special ID number that the system will assign you.

  • medical marijuana doctor appointment in Lancaster, PA

    Obtain a Certification By Meeting with a PA Department of Health-Certified Doctor Online at the Sanctuary

    Whether or not you are older than 18, you are still eligible to have a 15 to 20 minute consultation with a doctor to discuss medical marijuana and qualifying conditions like inflammatory bowel disease. It is recommended that you have a summary of your medical history and your records on hand for this appointment so that you can go into more detail with the doctor. At your appointment, if you are found to have a qualifying condition, your certification will be issued by your doctor.

  • register with Lancaster, PA for medical marijuana

    Complete Registration on PA DOH Website

    You must sign into the account you used to register and submit the $50 fee to the PA Department of Health after the doctor has certified you. Remember that if you are receiving government benefits, you might be able to have the application cost waived or reduced. Additionally, you will have to pay this amount annually to renew your card. You will be informed that your ID has to be renewed about 30 days before it is due to expire. The DOH will ship your medical marijuana card to the address on your driver's license that you provided when you registered as soon as your payment has been completed.

  • marijuana doctor Lancaster, PA

    Visit a Dispensary in Pennsylvania to Obtain Medical Marijuana

    You can buy medicinal marijuana at any dispensary in Pennsylvania once your medical marijuana card arrives in the mail. Keep in mind that, while being able to legally acquire it, you can't just visit any grower. You must visit a marijuana dispensary that has received state approval. Furthermore, you are only permitted to buy a maximum of a 30-day supply.


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About The Sanctuary Wellness Institute

The Sanctuary Wellness Institute is a medicinal marijuana provider located in Pennsylvania. We guide our clients through each step of getting a medicinal marijuana card.

At the Sanctuary in Lancaster, PA, our online doctors' evaluations for medical marijuana cards are judgment-free. We are dedicated to supporting our customers and the individuals who are caring for them. You may rely on our staff to guide you through every step of the marijuana card application procedure.

No prior evaluation is required to meet with our certified physician. Call us today at (717) 826-0196 or book your appointment online today.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Pennsylvania

You can schedule a consultation with one of our licensed medical marijuana doctors by calling us at (717) 826-0196. Your doctor will assess your situation and will be qualified to recommend you for medical marijuana, regardless of whether you have a physical illness like Parkinson's disease or a psychological problem like post-traumatic stress disorder. No evaluation in advance is necessary.

The certified medical marijuana practitioners that we collaborate with at The Sanctuary have been granted permission to legally certify their patients for medical marijuana by the State of Pennsylvania. It is not required to visit another doctor first.


Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana

The Medical Marijuana Act (Act) was approved by the Pennsylvania General Assembly on April 17, 2016. This made the use, possession, and sale of medical marijuana legal. Each customer must be a resident of Pennsylvania in order to apply for a medical marijuana card and purchase medicinal marijuana from dispensaries. Every applicant has to follow the laws that are unique to the state in which they are lawfully residing. Additionally, the state must have authorized the physician you visit to issue you the certification. A PDH-approved physician must confirm that you have a qualifying condition in order to certify you for an MMJ card.

For additional information about this program and to book your evaluation, call (717) 826-0196.


In order to be eligible to receive an official Pennsylvania medical marijuana card, you must be diagnosed with one of the following qualifying conditions:

How to Register for Medical Marijuana In PA

Watch our quick tutorial on how to register with the State for medical marijuana in PA.

How to Renew Your Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card

It is simple to renew your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania. It is only necessary to obtain an updated certificate and pay the renewal fee. You can remain a patient for as long as you want after enrolling in the state's registry.

To purchase cannabis from a dispensary in Pennsylvania, your certification must be renewed every 12 months. This reassessment ensures patient safety by confirming medical marijuana is still safe and effective in each individual case.

You will receive an email 60 days before your certificate expires reminding you to renew it. You can then schedule an online appointment with one of the Sanctuary's registered medical marijuana doctors. This visit will be similar to your first MMJ consultation.

In addition, 30 days before your renewal payment is due, the Department of Health will send you an email reminder. You can then log in to your account and make sure you have a valid payment method on file. If you pay your $50 renewal fee within 30 days of receiving this notice, your card will not expire.

Your doctor will inquire about your symptoms as well as your reaction to medical marijuana treatment. Based on your own experiences, you can ask questions about relevant topics like dosing and side effects. Your certification will be sent to the registry by the doctor. It will connect to your account automatically.

Make sure your address on file is correct. If your doctor's certificate is current and your payment is accepted, the state will automatically mail you a new card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can attend a telehealth appointment with one of the Sanctuary’s medical cannabis doctors to receive your certification, then submit your application and pay the fee using the state’s website.

You can enroll in PA’s registry in minutes with an active email address and valid state-issued ID. Once you attend your medical marijuana consultation, you can pay the registration fee. The state typically processes applications within seven days of payment and mails cards within 14 days.

The Sanctuary can help you with registry enrollment and connect you with an experienced medical marijuana doctor so you can get your card as quickly as possible.

Only patients with state-issued medical marijuana cards can enter Pennsylvania medical cannabis dispensaries. The only exceptions to this rule are patients’ caregivers and minors who’re accompanied by a patient or caregiver with a card.

Anxiety disorders are one of PA’s most common qualifying medical conditions. Talking to your doctor about how your symptoms impact your life, asking about how cannabis can help, and discussing dosing and strains with your local dispensary pharmacist will help you maximize the benefits of medical cannabis treatment.

Only cardholding patients can purchase and consume marijuana in Pennsylvania. Currently, the state only permits dispensaries to sell flower, pills, capsules, liquids, tinctures, topical gels and creams, patches, and extract.

Edibles sold in the state don’t come from licensed dispensaries. Such products are not compliant with safety or manufacturing regulations and do not contain medical-grade cannabis.

Pennsylvania allows cardholders to purchase and possess up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana. The exact amount varies from patient to patient based on their pharmacist's recommendation.

Being clear and comprehensive about the extent and nature of your symptoms will ensure your provider recommends an appropriate amount of cannabis.

After a year, medical marijuana cards become invalid. Your card can be renewed online. You'll receive a reminder email from the program 60 days before your renewal date. A telehealth renewal appointment may then be scheduled. It's acceptable for you to visit a different physician than the one who signed your initial medical marijuana certificate.

Your account is electronically connected to the renewal form. The state will mail you the card after they've received your $50 renewal fee.

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