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  • Sanctuary wellness institute medical marijuana card review
    The Sanctuary Wellness Institute Reviewed by Beth D. - Medical Marijuana Card Evaluation review
    January 5 2020

    "...I will definitely recommend The Sanctuary and Dr. Ray to all my friends"

    "Dr. Ray was lovely, kind and informative. The woman at the front desk was also very kind and helpful. I had a great experience here and I will definitely recommend the sanctuary and Dr. Ray to all my friends.* "

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How It Works

How to get your Florida medical marijuana card

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    Call the Sanctuary to schedule a visit with a Certified Doctor

    Our friendly helpful staff will book your appointment and explain in detail the simple steps to obtaining a medical marijuana card in Florida

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    Meet with the doctor via phone or computer.

    During your appointment, you will discuss your qualifying conditions with the cannabis doctor. The doctor will confirm that you meet the requirements. The doctor will then write you a recommendation to get a medical marijuana card, which is similar to a prescription.

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    Submit your registration through the State's website

    You will then use that recommendation from your cannabis doctor to fill out the medical marijuana application that is submited to the Sate. There is an application fee of $75.

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    Visit a dispensary in Florida to obtain medical marijuana.

    Once you have your medical marijuana card, you may purchase cannabis products from one of dispensaries in Florida.

About Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana in Florida


Florida began allowing medical marijuana in 2014. This came from the Compassionate Use Act, the state’s first medical cannabis program. Originally, this act only made low-THC cannabis legal. Additionally, the only qualifying conditions were epilepsy and cancer. This changed in 2016 with the Right to Try Act. Under this act, patients dealing with a condition that was diagnosed as terminal could use full-potency cannabis. Later in 2016, a citizen referendum introduced the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. It passed on Nov. 8 with a 71.3 percent majority. This initiative changed the language in the state Constitution and required the medical cannabis program to expand. Finally, on June 9, 2017, the Florida Legislature passed legislation to expand the program. These changes went into law on June 23.

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Qualifying Conditions

  • Also indicated is “other debilitating medical conditions of the same kind or class” qualify. This inclusion prevents the need from outright listing every single potential condition in the law. It is specifically designed to allow people with less common but equally debilitating conditions to get medical marijuana. lzheimer’s disease