Missouri Medical Marijuana Law

The only way to legally purchase and obtain marijuana in Missouri is with a valid medical marijuana card. The state recognizes over a dozen qualifying conditions for cannabis treatment. In addition, they allow physicians to certify patients with any terminal illness or if they believe cannabis will benefit a chronic or debilitating condition.

Cannabis could be a solution if you or a loved one is grappling with the effects of a debilitating medical condition such as PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, neuropathy, wasting syndrome, or a serious psychiatric disorder. Trained medical marijuana healthcare providers can review your case, explain treatment with cannabis, and issue a certification, allowing you to obtain a medical marijuana card.

The evidence for medical cannabis’s treatment value continues to grow as more patients manage their conditions with cannabis and federal regulations allow for further research. Understanding which laws you'll be subject to and the rights you'll have as a marijuana card holder will help you achieve your treatment goals without skirting the law.

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Missouri Medical Marijuana Law History

Patient advocates and activists began championing medical marijuana as a viable treatment in the 1990s. As society's view of marijuana evolved and the therapy proved effective in managing the quality of life for terminally ill patients, attitudes shifted.

In 2008, the state Court of Appeals ruled in Missouri v. Cox that medical necessity did not exempt an individual from possession laws because marijuana is a Schedule I drug.

Only six years later, Governor Jay Nixon signed the Missouri Medical Marijuana Bill, allowing patients with persistent seizure disorders to treat with CBD. The state’s lawmakers also decriminalized possession of up to 10 mg of marijuana and reduced the penalties for first-time offenders in 2014.

Then, in November 2018, Missourians legalized medical-use marijuana via Amendment 2, which passed with 65.5% of the vote. The law became official in December 2018.

Over the next two years, the Missouri Department of Health established the regulatory framework for the sale of medical cannabis and patient’s marijuana use. The state approved the first lab to test purity and potency in late September 2020. The first legal sale was conducted on October 16, 2020.

Marijuana Possession Laws in Missouri

Under Missouri state law, medical marijuana cardholders can purchase and possess up to 4 ounces of dried marijuana or 32 Missouri Marijuana Equivalency (MME) units per 30 days. The state defines an MME as:

  • 3.5 grams of marijuana
  • 1 gram of marijuana concentrate
  • 100 milligrams of THC-infused product

You can obtain any combination of products in flowers, vapes, edibles, topical applications, or tinctures as long as the sum of your purchases is 32 MMEs per rolling 30-day period. Dispensaries verify and log your purchase to ensure compliance. You can possess up to a 60-day supply or 8 ounces at one time.

Missouri Public Consumption Laws

Missouri law stipulates that qualifying patients can only consume medical marijuana in private places where they do not expect to be viewed by the public. The state considers schools, businesses, sidewalks, parks, and any other property open to the general population to be public places.

Businesses and landlords can enact policies forbidding marijuana consumption on their property. Review the terms of your lease agreement before consuming marijuana in your apartment or rented home.

Missouri Cannabis DUI Laws

Medical marijuana patients are fully subject to all Missouri DUI laws. You cannot legally operate a motor vehicle, aircraft, or motorboat while under the influence of marijuana. Possession of a medical card cannot be used in DUI defense.

A first-time DUI is a Class B misdemeanor leading to a 30-day mandatory license suspension. First-offenses may also be punished with up to 6 months in prison or completion of a substance abuse traffic offender program. Subsequent DUI convictions carry increasing minimum penalties.

Applying for A Missouri Medical Marijuana Card?

The Sanctuary Wellness Institute can advise you about the eligibility requirements for Missouri's medical marijuana program and guide you through the application process.

First, our staff refers you to a doctor who will evaluate your condition, explain cannabis treatment, and issue an electronic certification if you qualify. Consultations can be completed using telemedicine.

You will then establish an online account with the Missouri application portal. The Sanctuary can help you determine which application to complete based on your age and whether you need a caregiver.

Next, you’ll pair your electronic certification to your account, complete the demographic information, and upload documents that verify your identity and Missouri residency. The state takes up to 30-days to process applications.

Submissions with inaccurate information, incorrect verification documents, omissions, or inconsistencies are always rejected. The best way to receive prompt approval is by ensuring you complete all of the required fields and choose correct and legible supporting documents. Our staff can assist you in compiling the best possible application.


No. Missouri will vote on a ballot measure to legalize adult-use marijuana in November of 2022. If it does pass, the state will still need time to establish regulation and oversight for the sale of marijuana for recreational use.

It took almost two years between medical marijuana legalization and the first sale. If recreational marijuana does pass, it will likely be subject to lower possession limits than medical marijuana.

A Missouri cardholder can legally possess anything sold in a licensed dispensary. With your MMJ identification card, you can purchase flowering plants, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, gummies, lozenges, edibles, capsules, tinctures, beverages, topical applications, and transdermal patches.

You cannot possess another patient's cannabis or any THC products acquired from an unlicensed retailer.

You can only legally purchase 4 ounces of dried marijuana or 32 Missouri Marijuana Equivalency (MME) units per 30-day period. The state allows you to have a 60-day supply on hand. Cardholders can legally possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana or 64 MME units.

You can apply for a higher dose of marijuana if two physicians issue certificates with the same quantity of cannabis needed for your treatment. Once you receive approval, you can legally possess the doctor-recommended 60-day supply beyond 8 ounces.

No. Missouri does not accept any out-of-state cards. Recreational cannabis is not legally sold either. Under Missouri law, a person with a valid out-of-state card is not subject to arrest for possession of marijuana if the quantity is under the limit for qualified Missouri patients.

However, you cannot legally travel between states with cannabis due to the federal marijuana prohibition.

Yes. Missouri does not bar individuals with convictions from obtaining cards. The state may revoke your card for violations or convictions that occur after you obtain the card.