Your Guide to Missouri Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

If you or a loved one suffers from a debilitating medical condition, medical marijuana may be life-changing. While the treatment is not curative, countless patients across Missouri rely on it to manage symptoms that restrict their activity and alter their quality of life.

The Medical Marijuana Regulatory Program oversees the licensing and operation of cannabis dispensaries throughout Missouri. The state tightly controls how marijuana is grown and manufactured to ensure patient safety and confidence.

Dispensaries are safe, professional, and heavily regulated businesses that provide valuable services to patients. Do not let anxiety about visiting a facility hold you back from improving your functional tolerance and participation in your life.

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Where Can You Buy Missouri Medical Marijuana?

As of August 2022, there are over 150 licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Missouri. The only marijuana you can legally purchase and possess is what you purchase from a dispensary. The Department of Health and Senior Services maintains a list of all locations throughout the state.

Many dispensaries allow you to place orders online and pick them up in-store. You can also have medical marijuana delivered. Dispensaries include:

What’s it Like Buying Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

Missouri policy focuses on patient access and safety. The Medical Marijuana Regulation Program strictly enforces cultivation, manufacture, and sales standards to ensure you can only treat with high-quality medical-grade cannabis. All product labels include the strain of cannabis and dosing information.

Marijuana dispensaries are safe to visit. They are secure and limit access to cardholders and their caregivers. While each facility is different, they generally have a foyer where you check in and wait to meet with staff.

There is a separate sales area with the cannabis products, which must be out of sight from the street or any exterior facing windows. After the staff checks your ID and medical marijuana, you can ask questions, make your selections, and complete your transaction.

The dispensary will record your purchase in an electronic tracking system to log it and ensure you only obtain what is legally allowed under Missouri law.

Tips for Purchasing Medical Marijuana Products

Dispensaries accept debit cards and cash. Most have onsite ATMs, and some accept credit card payments as cash advances. Almost all dispensaries have websites with product menus so you can check inventory before visiting. Facilities carry different brands and offer specials, so be sure to ask about your options.

Dispensary staff, called budtenders, are passionate about patient care and believe in the therapeutic value of cannabis. They offer advice about different strains of marijuana, the best ways to consume it to manage specific symptoms, and other cannabis-related concerns.

In Missouri, qualifying patients can purchase cannabis flower, tinctures, terpenes, prerolls, vape cartridges, edibles, beverages, and concentrates. Each form of cannabis has different levels of THC and different absorption rates. Inhalable products, like pre-rolls and vapes, will enter your bloodstream faster, but the therapeutic effects are shorter-lasting and less intense. They may be better for patients with intense pain and acute symptoms. Edibles and concentrates release slower but generally remain in your system longer for sustained relief.

Missouri medical marijuana patients can also use their MMJ ID cards to purchase CBD products from licensed dispensaries in the state of Missouri.

Your budtender can offer advice based on your qualifying conditions’ response to initial treatment. The same strain and delivery method may affect two people differently, which is why you should consult a budtender before automatically reaching for indica or sativa. You must also self-monitor because cannabis can intensify the side effects of prescription medications.

Need Help Applying for a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card?

Missouri allows doctors to issue certifications via telehealth, enabling you to complete every step of the process online using the registry portal.

Applications take up to 30 days to process. Obtaining a certificate to treat from a qualified doctor and completing an accurate application will get you approved quickest.

The Sanctuary can refer you to a physician participating in the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program for a medical marijuana card consultation. We can then guide you through the application process to help you save time and fees by submitting the strongest possible application.