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Meditation and Cannabis under the Flower Moon

Meditation and Cannabis under the Flower Moon
Cannabis review by Chantal 
By Chantal Teufenkjian

I awoke at 3:30 am this morning, after snoozing my alarm twice, to greet the full Flower Moon at its maximum altitude. My fiancé and dog were still asleep, nestling sweetly with one another – paws and hands facing in the same direction. With a deep breath and clumsy sense of purpose, I grabbed my pre-rolled joint (something I twisted in anticipation of my invented ceremony) and made my way to the backyard. The sky was a warm shade of grey; the air felt light, crisp, and calm. And as I looked ahead toward my mat on our long, unmowed grass, my peripheral vision directed me toward the ladder to my right, leading me to the roof.

During the pandemic, my backyard has been a sanctuary. A place I can lose myself in. I created a fort, to escape into different worlds. My yoga mat lays in the middle of the lawn, inviting me to raise my vibration through practice. Then there’s the roof, where my fiancé and I often like to look up at the stars. When the moon is full, we celebrate the intentions we set during the new moon. Of course, I couldn’t resist climbing up.

I sat, perched on the roof as I lit my joint and took in the stillness, inhaling deeply. I felt the potent energy of the moon and closed my eyes, hugged my knees, and effortlessly drifted into meditation. Luna’s brightness shone through my shut eyelids and raced through my body. The cannabis promoted a tranquil, yet mindful experience as it allowed me to explore the hidden territories of my mind. Different hues of color replaced thought and my spirit took over, while my feet absorbed the light chill of the tiles. I felt safe and held by the moon’s current while my high remained steady, yet playful.

An hour and a half later, the sky and moon were veiled with a translucent pink sheet. Crows hung on trees in threes, the notorious creatures of transformation. I smiled, knowing my hazy journey gifted me with a peace I hadn’t felt in a long time. For a short while, I completely forgot about our world and its chaos until I saw a woman walking her dog at a distance, wearing an animated face mask. I lit the rest of my joint as I whimsically walked about the roof. Moments later, I bowed my head in deep gratitude and descended the ladder. I then climbed back into bed, allowing cannabis to influence my pending dreams.

Meditation is a deeply personal practice that allows you to find your inherent truth and calm. Whether you’ve simply dipped your toes in meditation, or practice routinely, incorporating cannabis can enhance your experience.

Make it a ceremony! Light candles, sit in your favorite space, listen to music, or allow cannabis to guide you in the kitchen as your sous chef. Start with a few drags and increase it as needed. You can always add more. If you feel adrift, feel the ground beneath you or touch your skin, and bring your mind to the present. Remember to always stay grounded. Find what feels good and sacred to you and go deeper. You might find a few hidden gems.

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