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Is Medical Marijuana Safe While Breastfeeding?

Is Medical Marijuana Safe While Breastfeeding
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As the legalization and use of medical marijuana become more widespread, new mothers may wonder about the safety of using cannabis while breastfeeding. It’s a pertinent question given the significance of breastfeeding for the health and development of infants.

While the conversation about the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana continues to evolve, understanding its potential impact during breastfeeding is crucial. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest research to address concerns and shed light on potential risks to help lactating mothers make informed decisions about their use of medical marijuana.

Can I Use Medical Marijuana Products While Breastfeeding?

While the use of medical marijuana may offer relief from certain conditions, its use during breastfeeding is a complex issue. The active ingredients in marijuana, such as THC, are known to be transferred to the baby through breast milk. The potential impact on a breastfeeding infant is not fully understood, but studies suggest that exposure to THC can affect a developing brain and potentially impair motor development and cognitive functioning.

Due to these concerns, health professionals generally advise against the use of medical marijuana while breastfeeding.

Does CBD Pass into Breast Milk?

While research on cannabidiol (CBD) is still emerging and often lacks consensus, the current science suggests that CBD can pass into breast milk. Compounds that are fat-soluble, like CBD, tend to concentrate in breast milk, which is rich in fat.

The implications of this are significant for nursing mothers considering CBD use and warrant caution and consultation with healthcare professionals due to the potential impact on their children’s development.

Are Edibles Safer While Breastfeeding

Are Edibles Safer While Breastfeeding

Unlike inhaled marijuana, edibles don’t expose the nursing baby to smoke. However, the active compounds in them, including THC, still enter the bloodstream and can be transferred to the baby through breast milk. Research indicates that these substances have the potential to negatively affect a baby’s developing brain.

Ultimately, most experts advise against the use of marijuana in all forms while breastfeeding, including edibles.

How Long Should I Wait After Marijuana to Breastfeed?

Experts typically advise women to abstain from using marijuana while breastfeeding. While the exact timeframe for THC to clear from a nursing mother’s system is not definitively known due to variations in metabolism and mothers’ frequency of marijuana use, it’s generally recommended to avoid breastfeeding for at least three to four hours after using marijuana.

Some experts suggest waiting even longer, as THC can be present in breast milk for more than six weeks after cannabis use. Consulting a doctor for personalized guidance is highly recommended.


Caution and the well-being of the infant should guide your decisions about breastfeeding. Current research, though limited, suggests potential risks to a nursing baby’s development when it’s exposed to THC and CBD. With these considerations in mind, health professionals generally advise against the use of medical marijuana in any form while nursing.

As the scientific community continues to explore and better understand the nuances of cannabis consumption, the dialogue around marijuana’s safety for mothers will undoubtedly evolve. But until more conclusive evidence emerges, it’s best for nursing mothers to discuss all treatment options with their doctors and consider alternatives to cannabis.

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