Your Guide to Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

For first-time cannabis patients, visiting a dispensary can be an intimidating experience. If you haven’t been to one of these facilities before, knowing what to expect can streamline your visit and help you receive the treatment you need.

Visiting an Oklahoma dispensary is a simple process, as long as you bring the right documents! Here’s what you need to know before you go.

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How Many Dispensaries Are in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) began licensing dispensaries in Oklahoma in August 2018, and now, there are more than 2,200 operational dispensaries and counting. In fact, Oklahoma leads the country with the largest number of marijuana dispensaries, rivaling states that have completely legalized cannabis.

You can view a complete list of Oklahoma dispensaries on the OMMA website. Some popular locations include.

What to Bring with You to a Dispensary?

Medical marijuana dispensaries can only sell marijuana to registered patients and caregivers, which means the dispensary will check your patient identification card each time you visit a location. You should always bring your cannabis card and some form of government-issued identification, especially if it’s your first visit.

When you’re ready to pay for your prescription, different dispensaries will take different payment methods. Most dispensaries are cash only; this is because federal regulations restrict banks from processing marijuana-related transactions. Many locations will have ATMs on site for your convenience, but you should bring a good amount of cash with you just in case one isn’t available.

What to Purchase at an Oklahoma Dispensary

Oklahoma dispensaries stock a wide range of cannabis products, each with their own benefits and unique properties. Some of these products include.

  • Dried flower: This is the most common type of marijuana product, and comes in a variety of strains that range in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) content. You usually smoke dried flower
  • Concentrates: These products are oils derived from the cannabis flower that are more potent than dried marijuana. Cannabis concentrates are usually inhaled through a vape
  • Edibles: When cannabis concentrates, extracts, or butters are used in food products, you make an edible. Edibles are slow-acting and potent, and come in a variety of products like cookies, gummies, drinks, and lozenges

While the OMMA does not have limits on how much cannabis you can purchase at a time, there are possession restrictions. You can possess up to 3 ounces of dried cannabis flower, up to 1 ounce of concentrate, and up to 72 ounces of medical marijuana products in public. The dispensary will likely limit the amount you buy to these possession limits.

Applying for an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card?

You can only purchase medical cannabis if you are a registered medical marijuana patient. This registration process is simple, but there’s one major step you’ll need to take just to begin the application: you need to receive a written recommendation from an Oklahoma physician.

Finding the right doctor can be difficult, but the Sanctuary Wellness Institute is here to help. We can connect you with a qualified physician who can evaluate your medical condition and issue you a certification for medical cannabis.

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