Your Guide to New York Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) licenses facilities to sell marijuana in New York State. They ensure dispensaries only offer safe, high-quality, and medical-grade cannabis. You can visit any one of the state's medical marijuana dispensaries as a registered cardholder.

Regulators designed the purchase process to ensure cannabis is easily accessible to patients. Your doctor may recommend a form and dose of cannabis, or you may work with a dispensary pharmacist to assess your response to different products before determining your optimal form of treatment.

Dispensaries are well-regulated and reputable businesses. Their employees are committed to the therapeutic use of marijuana. Visiting a facility is much like a traditional pharmacy. The controlled substances are held securely behind a counter, and there are standard security protocols to ensure safety.

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Where Can You Buy New York Medical Marijuana?

As of September 2022, there are 40 licensed dispensaries throughout the state of New York that participate in its medical marijuana program. You and your caregiver can purchase marijuana from any one of these cannabis dispensaries, which all stock different cannabis products and offer different pricing. Visiting multiple locations will help you find your ideal form of cannabis and the best deals.

Some of the best New York dispensaries include:

The OCM maintains a complete listing of New York dispensaries where you can purchase adult-use cannabis products.

What’s it Like Buying Medical Marijuana in New York?

While the thought of your initial dispensary visit may be overwhelming, be assured that the staff will focus on your comfort and education. Most facilities are set up like a pharmacy or simple showroom. You will first check-in to confirm your identity and eligibility to purchase medical marijuana.

You must bring your registry ID card and certification to each registered organization you visit. Your doctor may specify a dosage or delivery mechanism on your certification document, but it is not required. Under the state’s medical marijuana program, you can only purchase up to a 60-day supply of medical cannabis at a time.

Some dispensaries offer home delivery. It is always best to call ahead to check the facility policies, hours, and inventory. Dispensaries are not required to stock the same products.

As a cardholder with a qualifying condition, you can purchase vape cartridges, capsules and tablets, tinctures, oral sprays, oral powders, lozenges, ground plant preparation for vaporization, whole flowers to vaporize, and transdermal patches.

Your purchase will be logged and tracked to ensure you're within the state's purchase threshold.

Tips for Purchasing Medical Marijuana Products

Even if you have experience using cannabis, it is best to start with the lowest dose of medical marijuana and the longest frequency. Different strains have different effects. Discuss your symptoms and what you want from cannabis treatment with the dispensary staff. They can make recommendations on the products best suited for your condition.

Products derived from indica, which has higher CBD content and lower THC content, may be ideal for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. These strains are also effective at controlling chronic persistent pain and muscle spasms.

Products derived from sativa, which has higher THC content, effectively stimulate appetite, improve sleep quality, and ease pain. Dispensaries also carry products with blends of multiple strains. You may need to try several different products because your unique biochemistry impacts the marijuana's effect.

Inhaling cannabis vapor will cause the most rapid effects, but they dissipate the fastest. Edibles and topicals enter the bloodstream slower, causing lower-intensity but longer-lasting effects.

Need Help Applying for A New York Medical Marijuana Card?

The only way New Yorkers can treat using high-quality and safe marijuana is with a registry card. If you experience a life-altering medical condition or the side effects of traditional treatments are detrimental, medical marijuana may be the right solution.

At the Sanctuary, we can help you understand the qualifications for the New York cannabis registry and guide you through the application process. Our experienced staff understands the regulations and can assist you in assembling a strong application.

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