FAQs About New Jersey Medical Marijuana

Curious about New Jersey’s medical marijuana program? Don’t worry, the Sanctuary is here for you! Navigating a medical cannabis application can be daunting, but once you know the requirements, it’s a simple, straightforward process.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about applying for a medical marijuana card in the Garden State.

Is There A Fee to Apply for the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program?

New Jersey charges a $100 registration fee for adult patients and caregivers. Military veterans, senior citizens, or residents on certain state and federal assistance programs qualify for a reduced fee of $20.

It’s Difficult for Me to Travel, Can I Register a Caregiver?

If your condition prevents you from purchasing medical marijuana by yourself, you can register a designated caregiver who can visit a dispensary on your behalf. Your caregiver will need to undergo the same application process as a patient, and will need to undergo a background check, submit proof of New Jersey residency, and pay a $100 fee.

What Conditions Qualify for A New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card?

To apply for a medical cannabis card, you must have a qualifying condition on the state-approved list.

New Jersey has approved the following conditions for medical marijuana use:

What If I Don’t Have A Condition on the List?

The New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA) includes a provision that allows you to file a petition to add a qualifying condition to the state-approved list. If you don’t have a condition on the above list, but have a condition that may benefit from medical marijuana treatment, you can submit a petition to the Commissioner of Health and Senior Services.

Can I Use Another State’s Cannabis Card to Buy Marijuana in New Jersey?

No, you must have a New Jersey medical marijuana card in order to purchase from a licensed dispensary in the state. These rules may change soon, as the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program reviews new legislation.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Buy At A Time?

Your physician will determine the amount of medical marijuana you need to treat for your condition over a 30-day period, and you can only purchase up to that amount each month.

The maximum amount you are allowed to purchase is 3 ounces every 30 days, unless you have a terminal illness. In that case, the state places no limit on how much medical cannabis you can buy.

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