Your Guide to Montana Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

As a Montana resident, you can obtain a medical marijuana card that grants you access to every marijuana dispensary in the state. Cardholders have broader rights and privileges than recreational marijuana customers.

There are dozens of dispensaries across the state of Montana that sell high-quality, medical-grade cannabis products you can use to manage the symptoms of your life-altering health condition(s). And, fortunately, securing your medical marijuana card is a straightforward and quick process.

Once approved for a card by the state, you can immediately purchase medical cannabis and possess up to five ounces of marijuana flower or its equivalent in other forms. However, it’s important to gain an in-depth understanding of Montana medical marijuana legislation and the Montana cannabis industry because the state’s laws differ from those of other states like Missouri, Nevada, Maine, Michigan, and New York.

This article includes details about Montana dispensaries, a rundown of the marijuana shopping experience, and tips to get the most out of your visit. Familiarizing yourself with Montana cannabis dispensaries and the state’s marijuana laws will help you shop for marijuana comfortably and confidently so you can best manage your symptoms.

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Where Can You Buy Montana Medical Marijuana?

Montana has 66 medical marijuana dispensaries and 378 adult-use recreational marijuana dispensaries. While medical dispensaries only serve patients, cardholders can shop at either type of dispensary. Locations include:

Calling ahead to ensure products are in stock, verify store hours, and learn purchase policies will save you time. The Montana Department of Revenue maintains a complete list of medical and adult-use dispensary locations.

What’s it Like Buying Medical Marijuana in Montana?

Montana dispensaries are well-regulated businesses that only sell adult-use cannabis that meets rigorous safety and quality standards. Visiting a dispensary is similar to visiting a pharmacy or wellness clinic. A staff member (also known as a “budtender”) will verify your medical marijuana card and ID to ensure you can legally enter the marijuana business.

Dispensary layouts resemble stores, with medical marijuana products on display behind secure cabinets. Workers will offer advice about product selection, dosing, and safe consumption. They are passionate marijuana advocates who believe in cannabis's ability to manage the symptoms of medical conditions.

Once you select your products, the dispensary will electronically log your purchase to ensure compliance with the one-ounce daily purchase limit. As a cardholder, you can order medical marijuana online or by phone for pickup or home delivery. Like any other online store, dispensary websites have inventory listings, product descriptions, and customer reviews.

Dispensaries strive to create a welcoming environment in which they can educate patients about the safe and proper use of cannabis.

Tips for Purchasing Medical Marijuana Products

As a medical marijuana patient, Montana state laws enable you to purchase flowers, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, pre-rolls, topicals, and tinctures at dispensaries. Product packaging lists the recommended dose and THC content. Your medical marijuana doctor and dispensary staff can offer recommendations on the best form of cannabis for managing your symptoms.

When shopping for marijuana, tell the staff about the nature of your symptoms, the medications you take, and your health history. This information will help them rule out potential contraindications.

While genetics and biochemistry will determine how you metabolize the THC and CBD in marijuana, smoking usually creates the fastest-acting effects. Many patients rely on flowers, vaping, and pre-rolls for pain management.

Topicals, edibles, and tinctures enter your bloodstream through the skin or digestive tract. This slower release allows them to last longer in your system, creating extended but subtler effects. Many patients rely on these methods for body aches, appetite stimulation, and nausea control.

Products contain Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains of cannabis plants. Indica generally causes body effects, making it a good option for physical symptoms. Sativa is more mood-altering, making it effective at managing psychological symptoms and stress. Hybrid strains blend both, offering varying intensities of mind and body effects.

Need Help Applying for A Montana Medical Marijuana Card?

Although recreational cannabis is legal in Montana, a medical marijuana card grants you a higher possession limit, gives you access to edibles with higher THC content, and exempts you from the adult-use tax.

The Sanctuary can educate you about the medical marijuana program requirements and help you navigate the online application system. Our team will connect you with a qualified physician who can issue a recommendation.

Then, we will advise you on compiling the necessary documentation to ensure you submit the strongest application to secure swift approval.