Your Guide to Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Dispensaries in Michigan are state-licensed facilities that are permitted to sell medical marijuana to qualified patients. To be eligible to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary, patients must first obtain a valid medical marijuana card from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services by submitting an application to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP). Recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan, but state-licensed dispensaries often offer qualifying patients a broader range of products than traditional cannabis businesses.

You can use the guide below to help you find the dispensary that's right for you.

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Where Can You Buy Michigan Medical Marijuana?

Michigan has two types of medical marijuana dispensaries: provisioning centers, where qualified patients go to purchase medical marijuana products, and safety compliance facilities, which test and track those products to ensure they meet state standards.

Most provisioning centers will have both medical and adult-use products available, while safety compliance facilities will only sell medical marijuana.

Some of the most popular medical marijuana locations include:

Card-holding patients may legally possess 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary. Growing marijuana is permissible, but only if approved to do so.

What’s it Like Buying Medical Marijuana in Michigan?

According to Michigan marijuana laws, patients with qualifying medical conditions who want to purchase cannabis products from the licensed medical marijuana facilities located throughout the state can do so once they have their medical marijuana identification cards.

The Michigan cannabis industry offers a variety of products to meet the needs of local patients and their caregivers. At Michigan cannabis dispensaries, flower is available in a range of strains and potency levels and patients can choose from pre-rolled joints, dry herb vaporizers, pipes, and bongs.

THC edibles come in many flavors and dosages at Michigan dispensaries, and there are also concentrates such as shatter and wax available for dabbing or vaping. CBD topicals are perfect for patients with chronic pain or inflammation, and include lotions, balms, and patches.

Under Michigan state law, when purchasing products from a dispensary, patients must show their medical marijuana cards and IDs. The dispensary will then scan the card to verify that it's valid and enter the patient's information into the system. After that, they will be able to purchase products according to the state's guidelines.

Prices for medical marijuana in the state of Michigan vary depending on the product, but are generally affordable. To get the best deals, patients should ask about discounts and promotions when they visit their dispensary. Many dispensaries offer discounts to seniors, veterans, and low-income patients. First-time customers may also be able to take advantage of special deals.

Need Help Applying for A Michigan Medical Marijuana Card

The application process for a Michigan medical marijuana card isn't overly difficult. The Sanctuary can connect Michigan residents with physicians in their area who can certify their debilitating condition for treatment with adult-use marijuana.

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