How to Purchase Medical Marijuana in Maryland

In December 2017, Maryland made its first legal medical marijuana sale, and since that date, thousands of Maryland patients have been able to access the treatment they need. The state operates several licensed dispensaries in multiple parts of Maryland, allowing patients to purchase a 30-day supply at any of these locations with a valid medical marijuana card.

If you recently received your Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) ID card, you may be unfamiliar with how to purchase your cannabis and how to prepare for the dispensary experience. Here’s what you need to know.

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Where Are Maryland’s Dispensaries Located?

As of May 2020, Maryland currently operates over 90 dispensaries in various parts of the state. You can view the full list of dispensary locations and an interactive map on the MMCC website. To legally purchase medical marijuana in Maryland, you must visit one of these dispensaries.

Some of these locations include:

What Happens Inside A Maryland Dispensary?

Maryland dispensaries operate like a regular storefront, with a few extra regulations. When you visit the dispensary for the first time, you’ll enter a waiting area where a staff member will ask to see your MMCC ID and verify your information in their database.

The staff member will also tell you how much cannabis you can purchase. You can only buy up to a 30-day supply, as directed by your physician. After you are done with your intake, you’ll wait until a staff member directs you to the sales floor, which is often in a separate room.

This is where you’ll purchase your medical marijuana. You’ll be greeted by a salesperson called a budtender who will ask you a few questions about your medical needs and help you choose the right type of cannabis with you.

After you choose your medical marijuana, the budtender will package your products and you’ll complete your transaction. Once you’ve paid, you’ll have to return home to use your cannabis -- no marijuana consumption is allowed on dispensary grounds.

What Should You Bring to A Maryland Dispensary?

To purchase medical marijuana at a licensed Maryland dispensary, you will need to bring your MMCC ID card and present it to the staff member who checks you in. You will not be allowed inside the dispensary without your MMCC ID, since the staff will need it to verify your registration and check your allotments.

You should also bring enough cash with you to purchase your products. Many dispensaries cannot take credit cards due to federal regulations. While the dispensary you visit may have an ATM on site, it’s best to withdraw beforehand.

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