Your Guide to Louisiana Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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Since the passing of HB 391 in 2021, Louisiana's state laws regarding cannabis have continued to expand. Today, thanks to the state’s medical marijuana program, qualified medical marijuana patients and their caregivers can purchase smokable and raw forms of medical cannabis from state dispensaries.

Louisiana has authorized one dispensary in each of its nine pharmacy-operated regions. Dispensaries must register with the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy before they can sell products to LA residents, which ensures consumer safety.

To receive a medical marijuana certification, a doctor must diagnose you with one of the state’s qualifying medical conditions. If they do, you’ll be able to purchase edibles, tinctures, other smokable products, and metered-dose inhalers from licensed dispensaries. Patients must always present their doctor's certification and state ID to purchase products from a dispensary.

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Where Can You Buy Louisiana Medical Marijuana?

There are nine lawfully operating medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Louisiana. Some of the best dispensaries in LA for registered patients include:

What’s it Like Buying Medical Marijuana in Louisiana?

Before you can buy medical marijuana in Louisiana, you must consult your doctor to obtain a qualifying diagnosis. As of today, lawmakers have created a list of qualifying conditions that includes chronic pain, cachexia, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, glaucoma, intractable pain, muscle spasms/spasticity, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, wasting syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and autism spectrum disorder.

Once your doctor has identified and diagnosed your qualifying condition(s), they will give you a written certification. Take this form with you to the dispensary and present it with your state ID. A doctor's written certification and a photo ID are the only state-issued requirements for purchasing medical marijuana products. As long as you have both, you’ll be able to purchase items from any dispensary in the state.

Your local dispensary will be able to assist you with product selection and choice. Since each strain offers a unique blend of terpenes and cannabinoids, their effects differ. Sativa blends have been said to be more sedating than others. Speak to your Louisiana dispensary specialists to determine which strain would suit you best.

Tips for Purchasing Medical Marijuana Products

Louisiana's medical marijuana laws specify a 30-day limit on the total amount of adult-use cannabis a qualified patient can buy at one time. Consequently, you cannot buy more than two and a half ounces at once.

Smokable products tend to elicit more rapid and pronounced effects. Edibles and tinctures last longer but also take longer to take effect. If you’re more sensitive to the effects of cannabis, it would be best to stick with a metered-dose inhaler. These products limit total THC inhalation and ensure accurate dosing. However, many patients enjoy edibles, tinctures, lotions, topicals, gummies, and raw flowers.

When you are selecting a strain, make sure to check its terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Generally, sativa blends contain higher CBD concentrations, and high-CBD strains may produce greater relief from physical discomfort. Indica strains usually feature higher concentrations of THC, which is more psychoactive than CBD.

Tinctures may suit you best if you’ve never smoked before or if it’s been a long time since you have. Finally, oral cannabis products provide longer-lasting symptom relief without requiring any inhalation.

Need Help Applying for A Louisiana Medical Marijuana Card?

The Sanctuary can help you schedule an appointment with a state-licensed medical marijuana doctor. Then that doctor can diagnose your qualifying condition(s) and issue you a medical marijuana certification. Once you have obtained that document, you’ll be able to bring it with your state ID to a nearby dispensary so you can begin purchasing MMJ products.

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