How to Recover from Edibles

Edibles are food products used to deliver both medicinal and recreational cannabis. In other words, edibles are foods that contain cannabis as a major ingredient. Edibles can come in the form of gummies, brownies, and a variety of other cannabis products that can be found at your local dispensary.

There are a lot of reasons why people eat edibles. These range from relaxation to treating medical conditions like pain and inflammation. Eating edibles can help treat anxiety, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and other mental disorders as well.

There are no risks of dry mouth, dry eyes, chronic cough, or phlegm production when consuming edibles as opposed to smoking cannabis. However, edibles remain a very potent way to deliver cannabinoids and often produce effects that last longer than those observed with smoking or vaping.

So, how long do these effects last? Are there ways to recover from edibles? And after taking these cannabis-based food products, is there anything you should avoid eating or doing? Keep reading to learn more.

How to Recover from Edibles

How Long Do Edible Effects Last?

Generally, the effects of edibles last from 4-12 hours. However, when an individual starts feeling the effects of edibles and how long they will last depend on many factors. First, these variables depend on the dosage consumed. Consuming a large dose of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) often results in longer-lasting psychoactive effects. The duration of the effects varies according to the time it takes the body to rid itself of THC.

The duration of the effects of edibles also depends on how often a person consumes cannabis. When given the same dose of cannabis, new users would feel its effects more strongly than people that take it regularly.

Another factor that plays a role in the duration of effects is the rate of a person's metabolism. A person with a high rate of metabolism would break down the content of an edible rapidly and not feel its effects for long. Conversely, people with slower metabolism would feel its effects for longer.

Gender also determines how long the effects of edibles last, as the female hormone estrogen amplifies the effects of THC. In other words, if men and women consume the same dose of cannabis edibles, its effects would last longer with women than men.

Ways to Recover from Edibles

Although the effects of consuming edibles pass after some time, sometimes they are too intense. This is especially true for women, as study shows that women are at a higher risk of suffering anxiety and depression from edible consumption than men. So, here are proven ways to recover from edibles.

Hydrate and Eat

Taking water is a natural way to rid the body of the effects of edibles. Asides from water, other alternatives like fresh tea with lemon juice or Gatorade also work. The basic principle is that urinating comes next when you consume enough water, and when you urinate, you are ridding your body of edibles. While staying hydrated, also seek out foods high in fiber as they help mop up THC from the system.


THC is stored in fat cells, and engaging in exercise that yields perspiration is a good way to burn excess fat cells. With the reduction in fat cells due to exercise, the quantity of THC in the bloodstream also reduces. However, before hitting the gym or lifting weights, ensure you are in the right frame of mind to avoid overindulging in the activity, risking your health.


Sleep is one of the best ways to rid the body of THC. When you sleep, the body is at rest, which allows it to break down the consumed THC faster than it would if you were awake. Also, since you would be asleep for half of the edible high, it makes the high feel shorter.

Take Detox Pills

Although detox pills for beverage hangovers are more popular, you should know there are also pills for cannabis detox. These detox pills work to rid the body of THC, and some start working within an hour of ingestion.

One of the major advantages of recovering this way is that the THC leaves your body system much faster than any of the methods listed above. In other words, detox pills bring you back to your normal self quickly.

Things to Avoid After Taking Edibles

There are a lot of things to avoid doing after taking edibles. This is especially true when the high has set in or is yet to set in. One such thing is taking alcohol. Studies show that alcohol and THC interact negatively.

Taking alcohol after consuming edibles leaves you with more absorbed THC in the bloodstream than what is possible with taking just edibles. Also, THC is antiemetic, which prevents vomiting, thus retaining high doses of alcohol within the body.

Besides, it is best to avoid driving after taking a weed edible, as its consequent high would impair cognition, putting your life and other drivers in danger. Also, since edibles slow down reflexes, it is best to avoid operating heavy machinery or power tools to avoid putting yourself and other people within your vicinity in danger.

Another thing to avoid doing after taking THC edibles is heading into the kitchen to make food or bake. Using the stove or oven after taking edibles is not advisable so as to avoid setting the house on fire. If you must eat, it is best to go for simple meals like cereals or snacks to protect yourself and your property from fire hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

An edibles hangover, also known as a weed hangover, occurs when you take in more than your individual limit. We use the term individual limit because tolerance levels differ from person to person. So, when you consume edibles beyond your tolerance level, it results in an edibles hangover.

To get rid of your hangover symptoms and expel the edible from your digestive system, it’s advisable to drink plenty of water, eat foods rich in carbohydrates, and/or drink liquids high in electrolytes.

You probably feel high the day after consuming edibles because you have taken a large dose. Or, another reason could be that you are eating edibles for the first time.

If by weird you mean excessive sweating, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, and a racing heart, those are side effects of taking edibles. Consuming edibles delivers a more potent dose of cannabinoids than smoking and vaping, and the effects of an edible last longer. However, with time you will feel better, and you can take detox pills if you want to cut your edible trip short.

Over-consuming edibles prolongs the duration of its negative effects. These effects include drowsiness, confusion, anxiety and panic attacks, hallucinations, paranoia, and vomiting. Other effects include psychotic episodes, respiratory depression, and heart problems.

You know you've had too many edibles to eat if you still feel high after several days. You might also experience hypersensitivity—where you become too sensitive to sensations that overwhelm or alarm you.

Anxiety and paranoia are also telltale signs that you may have had too many edibles. Fortunately, you cannot suffer a lethal overdose of edibles.

When consumed in the right amounts, these cannabis-based food products are healthy and provide the body with numerous benefits. However, overdosing can impact your health negatively. Health problems associated with over-consuming edibles include anxiety, psychosis, and an irregular heartbeat.