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How to Pick Weed at a Pennsylvania Dispensary

Pick Weed at a Pennsylvania Dispensary
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Any Pennsylvania resident with an approved medical condition who obtains a state-issued medical marijuana card can shop at any dispensary in the state.

Pennsylvania dispensaries prioritize patient safety and satisfaction. Staff members are passionate marijuana advocates who strive to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes from their medical cannabis use.

One of the best ways to optimize your experience with cannabis is learning about how dispensaries operate and what they offer to cardholders. Broadening your understanding of these facilities will help you confidently shop for cannabis products that will improve your quality of life.

What Can You Buy at a Dispensary in PA?

According to Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act, cardholders can buy cannabis oils, topical applications, liquids, gels, pills, tinctures, flower that can be nebulized, and vape cartridges at state-licensed dispensaries. Your dispensary pharmacist will specify the specific types and amounts of cannabis products you can purchase during your medical marijuana consultation.

Dispensary products are cultivated and manufactured under strict oversight to ensure their quality and safety. Various consumption methods have different onset times and durations, but in general, ingested products like pills and tinctures take longer to take effect than inhaled products like vapes and cannabis flower. Ingested products also tend to provide longer-lasting effects.

While dispensaries sell cannabis flower, it remains illegal to smoke cannabis in Pennsylvania. Cardholders can only vape or nebulize medical marijuana.

Pennsylvania dispensaries offer an array of product lines and strains of cannabis. Shopping around will help you find the products that best meet your needs.

Pennsylvania dispensaries

Can Anyone Buy from a Dispensary in PA?

Only cardholders and registered caregivers can buy from PA dispensaries. These secure facilities verify cardholder status and ID before permitting individuals to enter. Limiting access in this way protects patients’ privacy and allows dispensary workers to devote ample time to each visitor.

Recreational marijuana remains illegal in Pennsylvania. However, anyone with a qualified medical condition who receives approval from an authorized doctor can become an MMJ cardholder. Pennsylvania does not accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards.

What to Expect When You Visit a PA Dispensary

Dispensaries function like pharmacies with additional security measures in place. Cardholders must check in with a staff member who will verify their patient status before granting entry. Once you’re inside, the showroom will resemble a traditional retail space. The available products will be stored securely behind counters or other displays.

Dispensary workers, commonly called “budtenders,” are passionate about medical marijuana. They can offer valuable advice about their dispensaries’ products and explain the benefits of various strains and consumption methods. They will also verify your purchase to ensure you are adhering to your 90-day allotment.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can You Buy at a PA Dispensary?

Pennsylvania law allows cardholders to purchase and possess up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana. What a 90-day supply entails can vary based on factors such as your qualifying condition(s) and the types of cannabis products you buy. Your dispensary pharmacist will decide the amount and types of medical marijuana products you can purchase.

How Can You Pay for Products at PA Dispensaries?

Most Pennsylvania dispensaries only accept cash. Federal banking laws and non-cooperation from credit card providers have limited dispensaries’ ability to accept other forms of payment. Some locations may offer a cashless debit option, though.

It’s always best to call ahead and confirm the policies at the dispensary you plan to visit. Many locations have on-site ATMs for patients’ convenience.

Medical marijuana is generally not covered by health insurance, meaning you’ll have to pay for your medical cannabis products out of pocket. Fortunately, many dispensaries offer new patient discounts, loyalty programs, and seasonal sales that can reduce the cost of your medical marijuana.

Do Pennsylvania Dispensaries Deliver?

Your caregiver can pick up medical marijuana products from dispensaries for you, but current legislation forbids medical marijuana delivery in Pennsylvania. Cardholders can place medical cannabis orders online but must visit their local dispensaries to pick up their purchases. Some locations offer curbside pickup.

How to Find a PA Dispensary Near You

The Pennsylvania Department of Health website hosts an interactive map displaying state dispensary locations. They also offer a complete list of facilities that contains their respective contact information and websites.

Why Choose the Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary Wellness Institute is committed to helping prospective Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients navigate the entire medical marijuana card application process, starting with an evaluation by an approved physician.

If you’re interested in shopping at PA dispensaries, contact us today to learn more and schedule a medical marijuana evaluation.

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