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How to Harvest Cannabis

Harvest Cannabis
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Many people like to grow their own cannabis, and it’s quite easy to do so. I’m going to tell you how to harvest cannabis, which is the final step before you can enjoy your hard work.

You may be wondering why you would want to grow your own cannabis. An easy way is to save money. Growing your own is very cost effective, especially when you consider how much it would cost to buy the amount you need. Another reason is because it’s good for the environment. The process of growing cannabis doesn’t use a lot of water and produces very little waste. It also doesn’t require any chemical fertilizers, which is great for those who want to avoid unnecessary chemicals.

All you need is a good spot for it, some seeds or clippings from an already grown cannabis plant, some soil, and a little bit of water. Cannabis is a plant, and it naturally grows.

How Does Cannabis Grow?

Cannabis grows like a weed and can be easily harvested by following these simple steps. The plant needs between 8 and 12 weeks of vegetative growth before it is ready to flower. During this growth phase, plants need lots of water and sunshine to flourish. Once plants have reached a suitable height they will be able to produce flowers, also known as ‘buds’.

These buds are the main source that you will harvest your cannabinoids from. Thus the cannabis growing process begins by germinating seeds or cuttings in soil or rockwool which offer good drainage properties, then transplants into their final destination. They should not be overwatered during their vegetation phase because it can lead to mold due to over-aeration at the roots which might cause root rot just before flowering.

Indica dominant strains will bush out and fill their space more, typically taking around 8 weeks to flower. Sativa dominant strains, on the other hand, will grow taller and take up more space with a longer flowering time of around 10-12 weeks.

Once flowering has begun, it is important to keep a close eye on the plant as you near harvest time. The buds will start to swell and change color from green to various shades of brown, orange, and red. When most of the pistils have turned a dark color, the buds are ready for harvest.

Growth Process of Cannabis

The growth process of cannabis is divided into three main stages: vegetative, flowering, and harvesting. During the vegetative stage, cannabis will grow leaves and branches. The plant will continue to grow in size and shape during the flowering stage. Once the flowers are fully developed, the plant is ready to harvest.

Harvesting cannabis should not be an overwhelming task. You will want to look for a few key traits in order to determine if your plant is ready to be harvested. The first trait that you will look out for is when the white hairs have started to turn brown and curl in on themselves. It looks like a bamboo cane covered with sugar after being dipped in water. If you see this, your plant is at least half-way done!

Next, you should look at the trichomes which are tiny mushroom looking things sticking out from the buds of your plants. These trichomes protect your plants from herbivores and contain most of the cannabinoids that we smoke or vaporize including THC and CBD. When these trichomes turn from clear to cloudy you will know that your plant is ripe for the picking!

Remove the leaves and buds and place them in a cool, dry place. Cannabis can be harvested at any time during the flowering stage, but harvesting later will result in a higher yield of THC. It is important to note that over-harvesting can reduce the potency of the buds. So, if you are not sure whether or not the plant is ready to be harvested, it is always better to wait a little longer.

How to Store Harvested Cannabis

Now that you know a bit about how cannabis grows, the different stages of growth, and what to look for when harvesting, it is important to learn how to properly store your harvested buds. improper storage can quickly reduce the potency and quality of your bud.

Harvesting cannabis can be done pretty easily by trimming off the branches of your plant and hanging them upside down in a cool, dry and dark place. This process preserves cannabinoids so they do not degrade and speed up the drying process. This process normally takes around ten days but could vary depending on how much ventilation the buds get while drying so check it every day or two to make sure they are completely dry before storing them away!

Once dried, you should avoid using plastic bags because this material creates static electricity which attracts all of those cannabinoids you’ve been trying to save. Glass jars or airtight containers work the best for long-term storage. You can keep it in an airtight container or put it in the freezer. If you choose to freeze your cannabis, make sure to label the container with the date so that you can use it at a later time.


Harvesting cannabis is a pretty easy process that just requires a little bit of patience. It is important to monitor the different stages of growth so that you know when your plant is ready for harvest. You will want to keep an eye on color, trichomes, and the hairs curling in on themselves before cutting off the buds and hanging them up to dry. Avoid using plastic bags during storage because they attract cannabinoids which can reduce the potency of your weed over time!

If you follow this process you should be able to enjoy top shelf bud at all times. Just remember to take it slow and don’t rush through any step as this could lead to a decrease in quality or even cause crop failure! Follow these guidelines and harvesting cannabis should never become overwhelming again.

Remember: patience is key! Following these simple steps will ensure that you get the most out of your plants and have a good yield! Happy harvesting!

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