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How to Grow Cannabis

How to Grow Cannabis?
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Cannabis is a drug that has many benefits. Growing your own cannabis can be fun and fulfilling. This article will go over what you need to know to grow cannabis, how long it takes for your plants to grow, and what the benefits are of growing marijuana plants at home.

What Will I Need to Grow Cannabis?

First of all, before we get started, make sure that growing marijuana plants is legal where you live. Second, you will need some equipment: A tent (10’x10′), A Carbon Dioxide (CO2) source; You can buy one or make your own.

Make sure the size of the bottle fits in your tent. Look at how much CO2 is produced per minute. The more, the better. If you are using bottled gas, check to see if it is compatible with other gases that might be used during transportation. It’s best to get one that mixes well with other types of gases so that you don’t have to worry about it getting mixed up with another gas outside of your home and cause an explosion. Next a grow lamp, it should list its output in lumens. 3W-5W is not enough light to grow weed. 15W-100W is a good amount of light to grow marijuana plants with.

Fertilizer is a necessity. There are many different kinds of fertilizers that you could use for this, but it all depends on what works best for your growing situation and climate. You can also buy many different types or fertilizer online as well as in stores such as Walmart and Home Depot as well as your local gardening store.

Make sure the nutrients are specifically made for cannabis plants so they will stay healthy and strong throughout their lifespan until harvest time. The kind we sell at Smart Grower has been proven to be an excellent fertilizer for growing cannabis in many different climates. Make sure there are no harmful chemicals in your fertilizer, because marijuana is a very delicate plant and needs to be treated with care. You will not need much fertilizer at all when you start to grow marijuana plants.

Do not over-fertilize your weed! If you put too much nutrients into the soil it could end up killing your seedlings or even burning them if they are grown outside under the sunlight.

After about 2 weeks of planting, check how well your seeds are growing by gently tugging on their leaves. If they break off easily this means that they have enough water and nutrients so you do not have to add more right now. Put down 1 cup of fertilizer or less per plant.

Also, cannabis plants love water, so be sure to check the soil everyday to see if it needs watering. This is important because too much water can cause the roots of your plant to grow in a circle and suffocate it.

In order for your plant to have proper room to grow you will need at least 5 gallons of soil. If there is not enough space in the pot then roots may get cut off causing your marijuana plants’ growth rate to slow down or even die off completely! Never put any type of fertilizer directly on top of the soil without mixing it in with some dirt (your own compost works well). The only way you should add nutrients like this is when you are preparing seeds for germination. After they have sprouted you can mix the nutrients with your existing dirt or even start over with new soil.

See what you can do to help your plants reach their full height (do not place them in front of a window though because most grow lights are too hot). There are many, many different types of containers that you can use for growing marijuana plants. You could use something like an old plastic storage bin or bucket; just make sure that whatever it is made of will not be harmful to the roots of your cannabis plants.

If you want to plant outdoors, good choices include regular garden pots, buckets without holes on the bottom, big garbage cans or barrels (make sure there aren’t any leaks), large wooden planters (good luck getting them big enough to grow a proper sized plant), or an old bucket.

Try using different containers in order to figure out what is best for you and your growing situation. The only thing that really matters when choosing the right type of pot or container is that it has enough room for your plants to grow into, not too much light (if outdoor), and that once harvest time comes around you will be able to get all of the weed out without any problems. If you are growing marijuana outside, try placing netting over top of your plants so insects cannot fly over and eat away at the leaves/buds directly!

How Do I Know When to Harvest?

Harvesting Time! You can tell when they are ready by looking at the color of their pistils. The longer they get, the more potent they will be! When you are ready to harvest time, cut the buds off with a sharp pair of scissors and place them in a container in order to dry them out.

You can hang your buds upside down in bundles or even lay them out on newspaper to dry. It takes about 2-3 weeks for your weed to fully dry so it is important not to rush this last step. If you wait too long then the bud might mold or get hard making it difficult for you to smoke without any harsh aftertaste such as that of tobacco when smoking cigarettes .

Make sure there is plenty of room between each bud so they can breathe while drying out. Also, try not to crush or otherwise damage them as you wait for the drying process to finish. If it is too cold in your place then use a drying rack or something similar where you can let them hang out near a heater for a few days.

Once they’re dry, which will take about 2-3 weeks, it’s time to grind those buds up! Use a special grinder that breaks the flowers into tiny pieces and is made of metal (so no rusting). This way all of the trichomes will fall off easily and the taste will be much better since more surface area is exposed with smaller weed nugs .


Now comes the part where you get to enjoy all of your hard work! Roll some joints or pack a bowl using your finely ground marijuana buds. It is up to you how much weed to use, but remember that even though some strains are dank and powerful there’s no need to overdo it! Also remember to store your weed well so it can last a long time. If you have a humidity level of around 50% then your buds will be good for many months or even years if they are kept in an airtight container that is dark and dry . So, now that you’ve learned how to grow cannabis , get out there and start growing some weed!

Happy Growing! Good luck on your future grows!

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