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How to Get A Medical Marijuana Card in West Virginia Step by Step

Medical marijuana is a life-changing drug that has provided symptom management for countless people suffering from chronic health conditions. Authorized residents of 37 states use cannabis to ease pain, alleviate psychological symptoms, and manage other limiting effects of debilitating conditions.

West Virginians can secure their right to purchase and possess marijuana by obtaining a medical marijuana card. Becoming a medical cannabis patient allows you to shop at dispensaries for medical-grade cannabis grown under strict quality and safety standards.

This article discusses each step of the application process and helpful tips for compiling a strong application. An accurate and complete application will ensure the quickest possible approval so you can obtain a medical cannabis card and begin managing your symptoms as soon as possible.

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Step 1: Identify Your Qualifying Condition

The state of West Virginia’s medical marijuana program only issues MMJ cards to patients with qualifying medical conditions and their designated caregivers. Approved diagnoses under WV marijuana laws include:

  • Cancer (all forms)
  • Epilepsy and other intractable seizure disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Chronic or intractable pain
  • Neuropathies
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Terminal illness (as defined by a medical prognosis with a life expectancy of one year or less)
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Intractable spasticity

If you are unsure whether you qualify for an MMJ ID card, meeting with an authorized medical marijuana provider can help clarify your eligibility. In addition, patients without qualifying diagnoses can request that the state add a medical condition. The application requires a recommendation from a qualified medical marijuana doctor and supporting medical evidence.

Step 2: Meet with A Licensed Physician

Only licensed West Virginia doctors registered with the Office of Medical Cannabis can issue marijuana certificates. These providers complete a specialized training course and believe in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Your doctor visit can be in person or using telemedicine services.

The provider will analyze your medical history and discuss your qualifying condition(s). Be sure to tell them about all your current medications, including dietary supplements, and explain how your symptoms impact your life. Ask about the benefits and risks of managing symptoms with cannabis to ensure medical marijuana is right for you. Providing as much detail as possible helps the doctor give you the best guidance possible.

They will then issue a Patient Certification. This document stipulates your qualifying condition, the forms of cannabis you may purchase, and the dose.

Step 3: Compile the Necessary Paperwork and Register With MMMP

West Virginia only accepts online applications from prospective medical marijuana patients. After registering for an account, you can compile the necessary supplemental paperwork for your application.

The state requires:

  • A digital photograph of yourself with a pose and plain background similar to a passport or driver’s license photo
  • A copy of a valid Photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport
  • Proof of West Virginia Residency: acceptable proof of residency documents include a mortgage statement, homeowners insurance policy, rental or lease agreement, voter registration card, paycheck stub, bank statement, auto insurance card, and West Virginia hunting license. The DMV has a complete list of acceptable documents
  • A Completed Patient Certification Form: your doctor will provide a copy at your consultation. Do not alter or modify this physician’s certification

Confirm that you have the correct documents and ensure they are clear and legible before uploading them to your account. Unreadable documents will delay your application.

Step 4: Submit Your Application

After your paperwork is ready, complete the online application by filling in the required demographic information. Be sure to review your submission to ensure the responses are accurate. Then upload your documents. After confirming your application meets the requirements, you can electronically submit it. The state will then send you an email with your four-digit application number.

The final step is to mail in your $50 application fee. West Virginia only accepts checks or money orders. Be sure to write your four-digit application number on the memo line of your payment. Send your payment to: Office of Medical Cannabis, 350 Capitol Street, Room 523, Charleston, WV 25301.

Note that patients under 18 years of age must designate a caregiver.

Step 5: Receive Your Medical Marijuana Card

Depending on submission volume, West Virginia processes applications within 30 to 60 days of payment receipt. The state asks that you wait at least 30 days before checking the status of your pending application.

If approved, you will receive your West Virginia medical marijuana card in the mail. The West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis will notify you by email if your application requires a correction and allow you to resubmit. If they reject your application for a West Virginia medical card, you will receive a reason for the denial via email.

Once you have your MMJ identification card you’ll be able to shop at state-licensed cannabis dispensaries. There you’ll be able to buy a variety of medical cannabis products containing THC and CBD, including dry leaf, tinctures, topicals, creams, dermal patches, gels, ointments, and edibles.

Need Help Obtaining A West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card?

The Sanctuary can guide you through the application process so you can quickly secure your right to use cannabis.

Our experienced staff will answer your questions about eligibility and the West Virginia program. We can then connect you with a qualified medical marijuana doctor to answer your questions about how cannabis can help in your particular case. They will then issue your certificate.

A team member will then advise you on the online application and paperwork requirements to ensure your submission is complete and accurate. Contact us today to learn more.