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MMJ Card Renewal Connecticut

Renewing your Connecticut medical marijuana card is a straightforward process. You can easily maintain your right to purchase and possess medical cannabis through the Connecticut medical marijuana program by pre-planning and remaining aware of your upcoming expiration date.

Your renewal as a qualifying patient requires obtaining an updated written certification from a licensed physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. This yearly renewal consultation helps you to reassess your health condition and discuss how your symptoms respond to medical marijuana.

The doctor will rule out possible interactions with new medications you take or changes to your overall health. Once you have your certification, you can use Connecticut's online portal to quickly and conveniently re-apply for a medical marijuana certificate. Read on to learn about important deadlines in the state of Connecticut and how to compile the strongest renewal application.

Renew Medical Marijuanas Card Florida

When Do You Need to Renew Your Connecticut MMJ Card?

Your medical marijuana card expires one year after the medical provider signed your written certification, not the date you applied for the card. You cannot begin the renewal process until 30 days before your expiration date. The online portal allows you to initiate the renewal application at that time.

How to Renew Your CT Medical Marijuana Card?

The renewal process is similar to the initial application. The first step is to attend a medical marijuana evaluation, where your doctor will confirm that you have a qualifying condition such as epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, or objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity. If you have a primary caregiver and wish to appoint someone else, you can designate the new caregiver using your online account. They will then need to apply for a caregiver card.

Your doctor will complete three certifications through the online portal, confirm the date of the recertification examination, and verify they have a patient-physician relationship with you.

The doctor will update your demographic information in the system, so advise them of address or name changes since your last examination.

Submit Documents

The state requires a copy of a photo ID and proof that you reside in Connecticut. You also need to complete the six certifications at the end of the online form.

Acceptable forms of ID include a clear and valid:

  • Connecticut or out-of-state driver’s license
  • Connecticut issued ID
  • Connecticut pistol or firearm permit.
  • US Passport or passport card
  • Permanent resident card
  • Certificate of naturalization or citizenship

You must submit one of the state-accepted documents to prove your Connecticut residency. It must be dated within 90 days of your application, be computer generated, show your name, and list the address of your residence.

You upload each document to your online account as part of your application. The Department of Consumer Protection, which issues medical marijuana cards, suggests you contact your dispensary if you need help uploading documents. Keep in mind that the state may request additional medical records before issuing a registration certificate and certifying you as a medical marijuana patient.

Submit Application Fee

Registration fees can be paid through the portal using a credit card. The state also accepts checks or money orders payable to the Treasurer, State of CT. Verify your application is complete and accurate before submitting the fee.

How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Cost in Connecticut?

Renewing your medical marijuana card costs $100. Caregiver cards cost $25. This fee is paid to the state. The application will not be processed without payment. Your medical marijuana provider will also charge a separate fee for the certification consultation.

Your card is valid one year from the date the medical provider certifies you, not your application date. Submitting your application and paying the fee as soon as you receive the certification will maximize the card’s term.

Benefits of Having a Connecticut MMJ Card

Recreational cannabis sales will not begin until late 2022 or 2023. Even after recreational cannabis is available, a valid medical marijuana card will offer several advantages. Most importantly, it ensures your safety and well-being.

Self-managing symptoms of a medical condition without consulting a medical provider can lead to adverse side effects or interactions with prescription medications. By completing the certification process, your provider will help you set realistic expectations for how cannabis can impact the symptoms of your qualifying condition.

As a cardholder, you have access to medical products with a broader range of THC content than recreational products. The state caps the THC content in recreational cannabis. In addition, cardholders are protected from losing access to medical marijuana in the event of shortages.

Connecticut mandates that marijuana cultivators maintain a preservation plan to ensure an adequate supply of medical cannabis at all times.

Medical marijuana purchases are also exempt from certain state taxes, allowing cardholders to save money on monthly purchases. The state increased the purchase limit for registered patients to 3.5 ounces per month.

As new regulations are adopted for the recreational program, the state will make appropriate modifications to the medical program to preserve patient access.

Renewing Your Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card?

The Sanctuary can assist you with the state’s patient registration process. First, we will refer you to an experienced medical marijuana doctor who will assess your condition and issue a written certification.

Our knowledgeable staff can then advise you about the proof of identity and residency documents needed for a strong application. Choosing the proper documents will help you obtain prompt renewal so you can start purchasing medical marijuana products as soon as possible.

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