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Hashemi Healthcare Yardly, PA | Dr Hashemi

Hashemi Healthcare Yardly, PA | Dr Hashemi

Dr Hashemi at Hashemi Healthcare is not affiliated with The Sanctaury Wellness Institute in any way. Dr Hasmei and the Sanctuary Wellness Institute broke ties in February 2020. We do not administer Medical Marijuana Card Evaluations for Dr Hashemi any longer. To Schedule an evaluation with Dr Hashemi please contact him directly.

There appears to be some confusion with The Sanctuary clients when they are getting their medical marijuana card renewals. Some of Dr Hashemi’s patients that saw him when he was associated with us are under the misconception that he is still associated with us. He is not.

If you have an appointment with Dr Hashemi at Hashemi Healthcare, Hashemi Healthcare is the administrator for that appointment, not The Sanctuary Wellness Institute.

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