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How To Design A Calming Bedroom

How To Design A Calming Bedroom?
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A bedroom will always be a special place in your home where you can fully relax in peace. It’s where you sleep to recharge your energy, free yourself from stress, and allow yourself to be totally calm and relaxed. To do these, creating a calming bedroom space is a must. This way, you can allow the area to reach its full potential.

When designing a bedroom, you might only be focusing on adding the essential elements. These can include a bed, end tables, and a cabinet. While they help to make your room functional, it would be great to add pieces that would help to make the space feel calmer. To help you out, listed below are some ways to achieve a calming and relaxing bedroom:

Add Crystals

If you’re a believer in the healing power of crystals, then adding crystal towers to your bedroom would surely be something you’d want to consider. A crystal itself has a distinct appearance that helps to make you feel instantly peaceful and calm. Even with their pointy edges, crystals’ smooth finish and soothing colors help elevate your mood, and thus, they’re perfect for your bedroom décor.

Use Relaxing Colors

To get started with designing a relaxing bedroom, begin by choosing the right colors. While using

Use Relaxing Colors

bright colors is fun, sticking with a muted and calm scheme is best to help produce a relaxing ambiance. While white is great, it’s best to prioritize warmer hues like beige and brown. You can even mix in a few gray tones to make the place feel more spacious. Ideally, you shouldn’t be too experimental with your color combinations, as going within the same gradient can help to create a more relaxing note. Too many colors can be too distracting, taking away the sense of calmness in the room.

Prioritize Bed Comfort

A bedroom’s main highlight would always be the bed. It helps to complete the look as it’s the central element in the bedroom. With that, focus on making your bed as comfortable as possible. You can begin by using a quilted comforter for your bedding and adding plenty of pillows. The more cushiony you can allow the bed to look, the more relaxing it will be. Your goal is to make your bed look like a soft, warm marshmallow you can slowly sink into as you lie down or go to sleep.

Add A Lamp

A room’s usual light fixture is on the ceiling as this ensures even distribution of light. Installing more light fixtures helps add warmth and character to the room. While going with a modern touch would surely help to make the room look more updated, adding traditional touches such as a bedside lamp creates a sense of serenity and softness.

Create A Tidy Environment

While it might seem like a small thing, the room’s tidiness greatly affects a person’s mood. No one enjoys staying inside a room where they can see clutter in every inch of the space. To create a calming bedroom, begin by decluttering to ensure a tidy look. You can add cabinets to hide some items or use organizer boxes to make the space look neat and uncluttered. The less you put on the surface, the neater your room will be.

Consider Adding Indoor Plants

Adding a hint of nature inside your room would instantly help to make your bedroom look more relaxing. There’s something about having plants inside the room that helps to make the space feel more peaceful and in touch with nature. Moreover, they can also help to improve your room’s air quality as they deliver healthier and cleaner air. With that, you might want to consider adding indoor plants inside your home. Even if they’re indoors, you need to look for the best placement for these plants as some still require a small amount of sunlight every day.

Alternatively, you can use faux plants to achieve that relaxing look without the risk of putting the plants in a drought. It’s effortlessly effective in turning your room into a peaceful space.

Include Scented Candles

Using scented candles for aromatherapy has been one of the oldest tricks in the book that allow you to make any space look relaxing, no matter the season. Luckily, it’s a quick fix you can incorporate into your bedroom design to create a calming space for yourself. You can add at least three scented candles in a glass and arrange them in a triangular shape to serve as decoration. To maximize the effect, try to look for relaxing scents, such as lavender, rose, and chamomile. The light from the candles can help to make the space feel peaceful while also filling the room with a relaxing essence.

Use Soft Textures

Using the right textures plays an important role in what kind of mood you’d like your bedroom to have. For a calm ambiance, soft textures would be the best. You can add plenty of fabrics to your bed and add a throw blanket to complete the look. You can even install a carpet or a large rug below your bed to create a more relaxing vibe. For maximum comfort, you can try using wool rugs or blankets as they instantly help to make any space look cozy.

Add A Comfortable Seat

Apart from your bed, it’ll be nice to have another area inside your bedroom where you can relax and unwind. You can add a comfortable chair on either side of the bed or in one corner of the bedroom. It could be a piece of accent chair. It could also be a bean bag or a couch with a comfortable cushion made of velvet or any other type of fabric. For a finishing touch, you can add a throw blanket and small throw pillows.


Designing a calming bedroom would surely help to put you in a peaceful and relaxed mood. With a few tweaks and improvements, your bedroom can become the calmest place in your home where you can feel rejuvenated and serene at the same time.

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