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Our Medical Weight Loss Program Port Charlotte, FL

The Sanctuary Wellness Institute

1100 El Jobean Rd Suite 110 Port Charlotte, FL 33948

If you're seeking to lose weight and improve your health, The Sanctuary Wellness Institute can help.

Participants in our weight loss program use compounded semaglutide and tirzepatide injections, which suppress appetite and cravings to generate weight loss. While partaking in our program, you'll receive ongoing guidance from a physician and support from our care team.

Most patients who use these injections achieve significant weight loss over the course of several months.

Semaglutide is the active ingredient in weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy, and tirzepatide can be found in Mounjaro and Zepbound. Both substances are FDA-approved for weight loss, and the compounding pharmacy we partner with is also FDA-approved.

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The Sanctuary Wellness Institute Port Charlotte, FL
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Port Charlotte, FL 33948
Phone: (941) 491-1006

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What's Included

Medical Weight Loss for Long-Term Success

steps semaglutide weight loss

Doctor’s Visits Via Telehealth or In Person

Attend monthly meetings with your doctor, who will track your weight loss progress and offer guidance along the way.

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Weight Loss Medication Shipped to Your Residence

Your prescription will be delivered straight to you, allowing you to administer it yourself.

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Ongoing Care Team Support

To assist you in reaching your weight loss objectives, our staff will be accessible for unlimited phone calls and messages.

Our Medical Weight Loss Doctors

Dr. Desiree Granados, MD weight loss doctor

Dr. Desiree Granados, MD

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Dr. Megan Horsham, MD weight loss doctor

Dr. Megan Horsham, MD

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what is compounded semaglutide

What Is Compounded Semaglutide?

what is compounded semaglutide

Compounded semaglutide is a drug prescribed for a specific patient and made at a compounding facility certified by the FDA or a state pharmacy board. Compounded drugs must be checked for potency, sterility, and purity, and the components must be sourced from FDA-approved suppliers.

Compounding pharmaceuticals is lawful, but because they are not mass-produced for the general public, they do not require FDA pre-market approval. Instead, they are developed in response to specific requests from medical practitioners. As a result, the dosing and administration techniques for these prescriptions may differ from those of commercially available pharmaceuticals.

The Process

Step one: book an appointment

Book a Visit with Our Doctor for a Consultation

Schedule an appointment with our physician and complete a brief online form detailing your medical history and weight loss objectives.

Step two: Meeting with our medical weight loss doctor

Meet with the Doctor

Consult your doctor in person at our Port Charlotte weight loss center, or by video. During this session, the doctor will review your medical history and weight loss objectives. Once both of you have concluded that our semaglutide weight loss program is suitable for you, the doctor will send a blood work order to your lab of choice.

Step three: Receive Your Medicine at Home

Receive Your Medicine at Home

Get your GLP-1 prescription delivered from the pharmacy and make an appointment with your doctor to learn how to self-administer semaglutide. This appointment will not entail any additional fees.

Hear from Our Clients

client-1 weight loss clinic port charlotte

It was a great and fast appointment and Dr. Horsham ensured to answer all my questions and concerns.

Craig S.

client-2 semaglutide weight loss port charlotte

I have had a great experience with Dr. Granados and would highly recommend! I especially love the convenience of teledoc for follow-up appointments.

Dora K.

client-3 medical weight loss

Place is wonderful! Jenni at the front desk is absolutely awesome! Very informative and well educated… Dr. Granados has helped me greatly! She’s the lady to see!!!️

Rich R.

About Semaglutide Injections

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Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonist. These drugs replicate the GLP-1 hormone's appetite-suppressing and digestion-slowing properties.

Wegovy* and Ozempic* both include semaglutide, which is FDA-approved. Strict clinical trials were carried out to guarantee the drug's safety and efficacy. Practitioners have less experience utilizing other weight loss medications, and those other drugs don’t have the same success rate as semaglutide, either.

For people looking to lose weight, semaglutide represents a safe and effective choice.

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How Semaglutide Shots Work

Semaglutide is self-injected subcutaneously once a week. The medication works as an appetite suppressant by replicating hormones that naturally interact with your digestive system, thereby lessening sensations of hunger.

Semaglutide lowers caloric intake by slowing digestion and retarding gastric emptying. Food passes through your stomach more slowly when you take the drug, so you feel fuller for longer and have less of an appetite.

Semaglutide also affects the brain region responsible for cravings and hunger. This enables you to further reduce the size and frequency of your meals.


Compounded Semaglutide

Weekly Injections

Semaglutide is the main medicinal component of Wegovy* and Ozempic* that promotes weight loss when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. The Sanctuary Wellness Institute offers compounded semaglutide.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical weight loss is a comprehensive, doctor-directed approach to helping people attain and maintain a healthy weight. It involves a personalized approach that can include dietary adjustments, exercise, behavioral changes, and, if necessary, prescription drugs like semaglutide. This therapy not only helps people lose weight, but also teaches them how to keep it off.

The cost of semaglutide injections can be influenced by your location, the specified dosage, and whether or not your health insurance covers the drug. Without insurance, you should budget about $800 and $1,000 a month.

In general, Medicare plans and many health insurance companies cover semaglutide injections to some extent, potentially lowering your out-of-pocket costs. Novo Nordisk also provides a patient assistance program for people who are struggling financially.

Semaglutide injections are available at the Sanctuary Wellness Institute's Port Charlotte, Florida office. To encourage self-administration, we give our patients the choice of having their prescription delivered or picked up in person.

When you receive your semaglutide prescription through the Sanctuary, you can complete the entire process online. You will not need to leave your house to participate in our program since our patients can easily plan and attend doctor’s appointments online and get their prescriptions delivered.

The time it takes to lose weight while using semaglutide varies substantially depending on the individual. However, clinical evidence indicates that weight reduction usually begins within the first few weeks of using the medicine

That said, semaglutide is not a miracle drug. Rather, it should be taken in combination with a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

According to recent studies, individuals often lose 10% to 15% of their body weight on a six-month semaglutide treatment plan. The exact number, however, varies from person to person and is dependent on factors such as your initial body weight, diet, exercise regimen, and length of treatment. Individuals who start off overweight are more likely to lose more weight.

To optimize your weight loss while taking semaglutide, it’s recommended you consume a well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins and exercise regularly.

Your consultation will be similar to a standard doctor’s appointment. The doctor will examine your medical history and inquire about your weight-loss objectives. By being upfront and honest, you can provide them the information they need to establish your eligibility for semaglutide, rule out any contraindications, and help you set realistic goals.

The pace of weight loss with semaglutide injections varies from patient to patient and is impacted by lifestyle decisions and individual responses to the medication. Some people see weight reduction within a few weeks of administering their first semaglutide injection, but the majority of patients do not see any improvements for several months.

Working with a doctor can help you lose weight safely since they’ll be able to modify your dose as needed.

Medical weight loss regimens have proven to be successful for many overweight people. Such programs employ a tried-and-true weight-loss strategy that extends beyond a basic diet and exercise regimen. Many medical weight reduction regimens rely on FDA-approved medications like semaglutide to facilitate safe and consistent weight loss.

Semaglutide injections have adverse effects like any other drug. The most frequent side effects include stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. These symptoms normally subside as your body responds to the drug. However, before using semaglutide, you should still speak with a physician. In addition, you should contact them if you experience any severe or long-term side effects after starting your treatment.

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