Personal Trainer Courtney

About Personal Trainer Courtney Goddard

Courtney has an unwavering desire to improve the lives of those around her on all levels! She is passionate about movement, whether it's a weight training session, group fitness class, walking the dog, yoga, soccer, or even meeting friends for mini golf or bowling, she believes it's critical to keep the body moving. She is excited to work with her clients and help them realize their full potential.

Courtney works for Les Mills International, where she teaches a variety of fitness classes including weight training, HIIT, martial arts, plyometric training, functional range of motion movements, and more. Each class adds a unique set of challenges and flavor to anyone's workout routine. Courtney recently began training for Les Mills' TAP team, advancing her career as an international and global trainer and presenter.

Courtney enjoys all things physical in her spare time! She also enjoys reading, writing, bonfires, traveling, and spending time with family and friends!

Personal Trainer Courtney