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Our Medical Weight Loss Program in Harrisburg, PA

If you’re looking to lose weight and better your health, the Sanctuary Wellness Institute can help.

Participants in our medical weight loss program use compounded semaglutide and tirzepatide injections, which reduce appetite and suppress cravings to generate weight loss. The vast majority of people who use these injections lose a significant amount of weight over a period of several months.

Tirzepatide is the active ingredient in Mounjaro and Zepbound, whereas semaglutide is the active ingredient in weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy. The FDA has approved both of these drugs, as well as the compounding pharmacy with which we work.

Enrollees in our program also receive ongoing physician supervision and care team support.

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Medical Weight Loss for Long-Term Success


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Attend monthly online sessions with your doctor, who will monitor your weight loss progress and provide guidance along the way.

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Your prescription will be delivered to your home so you can administer it yourself.

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Ongoing Care Team Support

Throughout your weight loss journey, our care team will be available for unlimited phone calls and messages.

Our Medical Weight Loss Doctors

Dr. Heather Moday, MD Medical Weight Loss Doctors

Dr. Heather Moday, MD

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Dr. Kalpana Sundar, DO Medical Weight Loss Doctors

Dr. Kalpana Sundar, DO

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Dr. Ketan Desai, MD Medical Weight Loss Doctors

Dr. Ketan Desai, MD

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Compound Semaglutide

What is Compounded Semaglutide?

Compound Semaglutide

Compounded semaglutide is prescribed to a specific patient and manufactured at an FDA or state pharmacy board-licensed compounding facility. Compounded medications must be tested for potency, sterility, and purity, and their ingredients must come from FDA-approved vendors.

Compounding medications is legal, but because they are not mass-produced for the general public, they do not need FDA pre-market approval. Instead, they are created in response to specific requests from medical professionals. As a result, the dosing and administration methods for these prescriptions may differ from those of commercially accessible brand-name medications.

The Process

Step one: book an appointment

Book a Visit with Our Doctor for an Initial FREE Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with our doctor and complete a simple online questionnaire about your medical history and weight loss objectives.

Step two: Meeting with our medical weight loss doctor

Meet with the Doctor

During your online visit, the doctor will review your medical history and weight loss goals. Once both of you have concluded that our GLP-1 prescription program is a good fit, a blood work order will be sent to your preferred lab.

Step three: Receive Your Medicine at Home

Receive Medicine at Your Home

Get your prescription delivered from the pharmacy and make an appointment with your doctor to learn how to self-administer semaglutide. This appointment will not entail any further expenses.

Hear from Our Clients


It was a great and fast appointment and Dr. Moday ensured to answer all my questions and concerns.

Craig S.


I have had a great experience with Dr. Moday and would highly recommend! I especially love the convenience of teledoc for follow-up appointments.

Dora K.


Place is wonderful! Jenni at the front desk is absolutely awesome! Very informative and well educated… Dr. Sundar has helped me greatly! She’s the lady to see!!!️

Rich R.

About Semaglutide Injections


Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonist. These medications mimic the GLP-1 hormone's appetite-suppressing and digestion-slowing effects.

Wegovy* and Ozempic* both contain FDA-approved semaglutide, which has undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure its efficacy and safety. Practitioners have less experience administering other weight loss medications, and those drugs do not have the same success rate as semaglutide, either.


How Semaglutide Shots Work

Semaglutide is self-injected subcutaneously once per week. The medicine reduces users’ caloric intake by slowing digestion and delaying stomach emptying. Food passes through your stomach more slowly when you take the medication, so you feel fuller for longer and have less of an appetite.

Semaglutide also affects the brain region responsible for cravings and hunger, allowing users to limit the size and frequency of their meals.


Compounded Semaglutide


Semaglutide, the major pharmaceutical component of Wegovy* and Ozempic*, facilitates weight loss when combined with a nutritious diet and regular exercise. The Sanctuary Wellness Institute provides compounded semaglutide.



Compound Semaglutide

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical weight loss is a complete, physician-directed approach to helping people achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It consists of a personalized approach that includes dietary adjustments, physical activity, behavioral changes, and, if necessary, prescription drugs like semaglutide.

This therapy not only helps patients lose weight, but also teaches them how to keep it off.

Medical weight loss programs have proven to be successful for many overweight patients. These programs use a tried-and-true weight-loss strategy that goes beyond simple diet and exercise plans. Many medical weight loss programs rely on FDA-approved drugs such as semaglutide to promote safe and consistent weight loss.

Your online consultation will be similar to a regular office appointment. Namely, the doctor will review your medical history and ask about your weight loss goals. By being open and honest, you can provide them with the information they need to determine your eligibility for semaglutide, rule out any contraindications, and assist you in setting realistic goals.

The cost of semaglutide injections varies depending on your region, the prescribed dosage, and whether or not your health insurance covers the prescription. Without insurance, you should budget about $800 to $1,000 per month.

Some Medicare programs and health insurance providers cover semaglutide injections, at least in part. Novo Nordisk also offers a patient assistance program for those who are struggling financially.

Semaglutide injections are available at the Sanctuary Wellness Institute's weight loss clinic in Harrisburg, PA. To allow for self-administration, we deliver our patients’ prescriptions straight to their homes.

When you obtain your semaglutide prescription from the Sanctuary, you can complete the entire process online. Our patients can conveniently schedule and attend doctor’s appointments online, as well as have their semaglutide prescriptions delivered.

The time it takes to lose weight while using semaglutide varies greatly between individuals. However, research suggests that weight loss typically begins within the first few weeks of taking the medication.

How long it takes to lose 20 pounds on semaglutide can vary significantly from person to person due to factors like diet, physical activity level, and metabolic rates. However, research suggests that, on average, individuals can expect to lose about five pounds per month on semaglutide for weight loss, which would mean it’d take about four months to lose 20 pounds.

Yes, it is possible to continue losing weight after using semaglutide for three months, provided the medication is part of a comprehensive plan that includes a healthy diet and regular physical activity. However, the effectiveness of semaglutide can vary from person to person.

How long you need to use semaglutide for weight loss can vary depending on your goals, your response to the medication, and your doctor's recommendation. Typically, semaglutide is prescribed for longer-term use in weight management. It's not uncommon for patients to be on the medication for several months to a year, or even longer.

However, the exact duration of your treatment should be determined by a healthcare professional based on your progress and response to the medication.

Semaglutide injections can induce side effects, just like any other medication. The most common ones include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. These symptoms usually subside as your body adjusts to the medication.

However, before using semaglutide, you should still consult a doctor. In addition, you should notify them if you experience any serious or long-term side effects during your treatment.