Online Yoga Classes | The Sanctuary Wellness Institute


A strong and flexible body is paramount to good health. At The Sanctuary, we offer Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes because they are each a truly unique form of exercise that engage your mind as well as your body. Our instructors have decades of education and experience. The focus and support they can offer each individual in the small group or private setting is unmatched. Add one or two private sessions to your regular routine at the larger yoga studios, or enroll in a 10 week small group session. Learn to practice with deeper, more focused intention. See the results!

Beginner Yoga

In Beginner Yoga, students are guided through a sequence of basic yoga postures, linking movement and breath in a supportive, comfortable environment. Modifications and props, such as blocks and straps, will be offered to each student as needed. This class will help to create a mindful approach to life on and off the mat. Yoga will improve flexibility, balance, and strength, while developing strategies to quiet the mind.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow focuses on linking breath to movement while performing a series of flowing yoga postures. Expect an expanding range of more advanced postures, creative sequences and the Sun Salutation in this all levels class. Modifications will be offered to both beginners and advanced students to deepen their practice and improve body alignment. Focusing on linking movement to breath will leave students feeling physically energized, with a calm, quiet mind. Yoga Flow also helps to improve flexibility, balance, concentration and overall strength.

Yoga Lite

This personalized small group class will begin with deep breathing and will flow through a series of gentle seated and standing postures designed to improve flexibility, balance and range of motion. A chair will be used throughout the class to provide safety and support. Class will end with deep breathing and relaxation. Class sized is limited to offer a more customized experience for the participants.

Yoga and Cannabis

Yoga and cannabis have been linked together for centuries as people have used cannabis to enhance their practices, minds, and spirituality. read more...