“You cannot do great things. You can only do small things, with great kindness.”

Just making time to get a massage is a brave act of kindness towards yourself. That’s such an important point I want to make it again: Making time to get a massage is an act of kindness towards yourself.

I started The Sanctuary at Chester Springs because as I approached 50 I found that the only answer to stress and worry and, frankly, the conundrum of existence was deep and unwavering kindness–and meditation, but we will get to that! I wanted to do my part to create a space in this world that was a wellspring of kindness—a beautiful space where folks would feel a deep sense of peace.

A dedicated yoga practice, meditative prayer and therapeutic massage were the specific tools I used to develop a sense of kindness and acceptance of myself and the greater world. These habits created a sense of peace I felt compelled to share. While we offer all these practices at The Sanctuary, and while I am beyond happy to share them all with you, it can’t be ignored that massage is a magical place to start!

If you’ve ever had a really great massage, with a really great massage therapist, you know how it can transport you. The right touch brings about a combination of physical and mental relaxation that will leave you with a sense of deep peace and acceptance of yourself and even the world around you. This frame of mind can stay with you and have a positive impact on your self talk and your interactions with loved ones and strangers alike.

At The Sanctuary, all of our massage therapists have been hand chosen by me for their practical skill, their dedication to the practice of massage therapy and their ability to provide a truly exceptional experience. I am honored to be able to share their skills with you and I invite you to begin a lifetime of kindness by taking one step at a time. Why not start with a massage?